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New Rotoderby Contests!

Rotoderby May

Rotoderby is offering amazing prizes for the month of May!  A $200 entry will get you into a $2,000, winner take all pool.  Catch is, it's a 12 team pool and first come first serve!
If you miss out on that action, there is a $1,750 prize pool for an entry free of just $100.  This one pays out 5 prizes.


  • All teams compete on just 3 stats:
    • HR (5pts)
    • RBI (1pt)
    • K (-1pt)
  • Choose 10 players from the player pool, 6 infielders and 4 outfielders. Do not exceed the "HR Stat Cap" limit of 210 Home Runs.
Nelson Cruz has hit 8 home runs and knocked in 16 runs for the Seattle Mariners, putting him at the top of the Rotoderby leaderboard. However, he will cost you 40 home runs! Very risky to use him, but it can be done!

Most Valuable Players

These guys will cost you 20 home runs or less!
    • At just 13 home runs, HanRam has already scored 31 Rotoderby points, good for 4th best..
    • The Houston Astros acquired Valbuena this offseason and he has already hit 5 home runs.  Just wish he had more than 7 RBI!
    • The Kansas City Royals are playing fiery baseball and Perez is helping lead the way, driving home 12 runs already.  He has 3 home runs and just 4 strikeouts!
    • Somehow or another, Arenado has struck out just 45 ABs.  3 home runs and 10 RBI make him a top 10 Rotoderby player.
    • Injuries limited him to just 19 home runs last season, making him a cheap option.  Even with 16 Ks already, Goldy is 5th overall, thanks to 5 home runs and 15 RBI.

Players to Avoid

    • These guys are teammates of Valbuena's down in Houston.  Combined they have 63 strikeouts, 2 home runs and 6 RBI.  They all cost 20+ HRs too.
    • Even at just 16 home runs, Ellsbury is not worth it.  He has not hit a homerun, has yet to drive in a run and has 10 strikeouts.
    • Not only has this guy been the biggest bust in recent memory, but he is off to a slow start with just 1 home run and 3 RBI striking out 19 times.