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Matt Harvey Watch - Foot to be Examined by Doctors

The Mets are rolling winning 9 straight games and sitting at 11-3 on the year, however it hasn't been a smooth ride. Along the way, they've lost David Wright to a hamstring injury, Travis d'Arnaud got off to a hot start and then broke his hand after being hit by a pitch and Jerry Blevins was dominating lefties out of the bullpen before breaking his arm after taking a line drive off his forearm.

Now the Mets have announced that Matt Harvey is having his foot examined by doctors. Although it appears to be a minor thing, Harvey addmited his foot has bothered him for months. The Mets lost Zack Wheeler to Tommy John surgery before the season started and it would be a huge blow to the team and fanbase if Harvey was forced to miss time.

Harvey is 3-0 with a 3.50 ERA over his first 3 starts. In 18 innings, Harvey has struck out 24 batters, while walking just 1.

We will keep you up to date once an update is provided.
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