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Baseballs Luckiest Hitters

Yesterday we focused on those MLB players with the worst luck to begin the season, looking at LD% and BABIP. Today we look at those around the Majors hitting lots of fly balls, and still owning a BABIP above .300. There have been just 27 players since 2010 that finished the season with a FB% greater than 43% and a BABIP over .300. 15 of those happened in 2010 and just Mike Trout last year. 

Guys like Paul Goldschmidt, Wil Myers, Adrian Gonzalez, Mike Moustakas and Alex Rodriguez have come back down to more sustainable percentages and averages.

Nelson Cruz53%0.31530%
Colby Rasmus51%0.40022%
Kris Bryant49%0.4630%
Freddie Freeman48%0.37713%
Justin Upton47%0.32419%
Miguel Cabrera46%0.38515%
Joc Pederson45%0.35041%
Matt Carpenter45%0.35612%
Giancarlo Stanton45%0.32821%
Mike Trout44%0.33324%
Derek Norris43%0.3575%
Chris Davis42%0.40929%
Lucas Duda42%0.3516%
Marcus Semien42%0.3308%
Alex Gordon42%0.33911%
Yoenis Cespedes41%0.34611%
Kevin Pillar41%0.3133%
Logan Forsythe41%0.3336%
Bryce Harper40%0.32732%

Stats via FanGraphs MLB Baseball Meme