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Baseballs Luckiest Hitters

Earlier we focused on those MLB players with the worst luck to begin the season, looking at LD% and BABIP.  Now we look at those around the Majors hitting lots of fly balls, and still owning a BABIP above .300. There have been just 27 players since 2010 that finished the season with a FB% greater than 43% and a BABIP over .300. 15 of those happened in 2010 and just Mike Trout last year.

Colby Rasmus has now surpassed Nelson Cruz atop this list, and even with a .314 BABIP, he still owns a .244 BA thanks to 46 K in 123 AB.  The 5th highest K% in the league.

Evan Longoria has joined this list and is one of just 5 in the group to have a HR/FB below 10%.  Troy Tulowitzki and Freddie Freeman are also members of that club.

Thanks to 10 home runs in 12 games, Bryce Harper owns a 35% HR/FB.  Only Ryan Howard and Jim Thome have accomplished that in a full season since 1990. Just 9 times has one owned a 30% HR/FB in that time frame and Howard and Thome own 5 of those 9 seasons.

Colby Rasmus48.70%0.31421.10%
Kris Bryant48.60%0.40613.90%
Justin Upton45.50%0.32322.00%
Nelson Cruz44.70%0.38831.40%
Logan Forsythe44.50%0.3287.50%
Derek Norris44.30%0.3395.90%
Matt Carpenter44.10%0.35113.50%
Bryce Harper43.80%0.37335.70%
Freddie Freeman43.30%0.3749.60%
Stephen Vogt42.90%0.30321.40%
Mike Trout42.50%0.32422.90%
Paul Goldschmidt42.20%0.37421.70%
Evan Longoria42.10%0.3278.30%
Ryan Howard41.40%0.30022.00%
Troy Tulowitzki41.30%0.3334.70%
Alex Gordon41.20%0.31910.00%
Miguel Cabrera40.70%0.36320.00%
J.D. Martinez40.60%0.32718.60%
Chris Davis40.50%0.31025.00%
Mark Trumbo40.20%0.31314.60%

Stats via FanGraphs MLB Baseball Meme