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Should the Seahawks Let Russell Wilson Walk?

In just three seasons in the NFL, Russell Wilson has accomplished more than most quarterbacks ever will in their career. He's made it to two Super Bowl's and has won one.

The Seattle Seahawks have some decisions to make on their franchise quarterback - like whether or not to extend his contract and give him $20+ million annually. They can avoid this for a few years as they can place the franchise tag on Wilson for the next two years through the 2017 season before they make a decision. However it's been reported that it's highly unlikely that the Seahawks would give Wilson that monster extension (5 years $100 mil range).

We all know the Seahawks don't win games through the air, or at least they aren't built to win that way. They win with power running and a shutdown defense.

With that being said, instead of throwing all their money at Wilson, I wouldn't blame them for wanting to keep their core defensive players intact and hold onto guys like Richard Sherman, Bobby Wagner, Kam Chancellor and Earl Thomas.

Seattle can always go out and draft another QB and hope for the best like they did with Wilson, as they took a chance on an undersized player who many thought was not big enough to play in the NFL.

However Marshawn Lynch could retire in the next year or two and the offense might have to rely on Wilson. And who knows, now that he has Jimmy Graham, a true go to guy,Wilson could play his best football in 2015.

Here are Wilson's numbers over his first 3 seasons in the NFL:

  • 2012
    • 252/393 (64.1%) - 3,118 yards, 26 touchdowns, 10 interceptions
    • 94 attempts, 489 rushing yards, 4 touchdowns
  • 2013
    • 257/407 (63.1%) - 3,357 yards, 26 touchdowns, 9 interceptions
    • 96 attempts, 539 rushing yards, 1 touchdown
  • 2014
    • 285/452 (63.1%) - 3,475 yards, 20 touchdowns, 7 interceptions
    • 118 attempts, 849 rushing yards, 6 touchdowns 


If you are part of the Seattle Seahawks front office, are you trying to keep Russell Wilson in Seattle or would you rather put that kind of money towards keeping the defense together and signing other free agents? Sound off in the comment section!

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