Jun 19, 2015

Top AA Hitters and Pitchers

Every other week we highlight the top hitters and pitchers in AAA baseball, using our fantasy baseball scoring system.  But with the recent promotion of prospects out of AA ball, like Joey Gallo and Byron Buxton, we decided to do a special version of the Top Prospects featuring AA hitters and pitchers.
Should the Colorado Rockies find a team willing to trade for Troy Tulowitzki, Trevor Story would be his replacement.  Story is ranked 12th in the Rockies minor league system, and although he is just a career .263 minor league hitter, at 22 years old, he has turned his career around, hitting.297 after back to back seasons below .265.  He once hit 43 doubles and 18 home runs in just 122 games as a 19 year old in A ball.  He strikeouts out more often than you would like, but he also own a .396 OBP this season, .354 for his career.

Adam Brett Walker II Minnesota Twins - BeGreen90
BeGreen90 - Flickr
It's almost unfair how many prospects the Minnesota Twins have.  Between Buxton, Miguel Sano, Nick Gordon, Jorge Polanco and Eddie Rosario, Adam Brett Walker !! is the teams 6th ranked  position prospect, 13th including pitchers.  The Twins outfielder stands at 6'4 225lbs, 23 years old, but has Torii Hunter, Buxton and bunch of rotating players in LF standing in his way.  He COULD take some ABs away from Kennys Vargas at DH with a September callup.  It might not happen in 2015, but Walker could make his MLB debut early in 2016.  He has tremendous power and is 3 home runs shy of his 3rd straight 20 HR / 90 RBI season. Big strikeout candidate at 40% of his ABs in 2015.  Sounds a lot like Chris Carter / Chris Davis.

Adam Brett Walker IIMINCHAOF6323845651721857140179420.2730.3240.588327
Trevor StoryCOLNBRSS60223446616610371243465150.2960.3940.556315
Byron BuxtonMINCHACF5923744677126371162651200.2830.3510.489312
Sherman JohnsonLAAARK2B632314756181428884744110.2420.3740.381288
Balbino FuenmayorKCNWA1B6023740831801241137114210.3500.3850.578287
Kyle SchwarberCHCTNSC5819739631011339114424910.3200.4380.579287
Johnny FieldTBMTGCF6022834671521149119156180.2940.3520.522286
Matt OlsonOAKMID1B65217424716073284636800.2170.3890.387281
Josh BellPITALT1B60237307696343106302750.3210.3910.447281
Miguel SanoMINCHA3B5821044521211238102336350.2480.3490.486280
Josh RodriguezNYMBIN3B592063458931246109304740.2820.3750.529279
Colin WalshOAKMID2B632393870201726113466030.2930.4100.473276
Aaron JudgeNYYTRNRF6023933671531142121246810.2800.3490.506274
Drew RobinsonTEXFRI3B65221364813013351004667110.2170.3570.452273
Orlando ArciaMILBLXSS632454077181434109172560.3140.3620.445272
Max MoroffPITALT2B602424277152323105324590.3180.3960.434270
Kelby TomlinsonSFRIC2B5723039771531271012334150.3350.3950.439269
Brock StassiPHIREA1B612232473140750108233030.3270.3860.484268
Nick RamirezMILBLX1B642233863130838100295400.2830.3620.448265
Travis JankowskiSDSACF61234457794112973232230.3290.4120.415264
Trea TurnerSDSASS5822731731335351072448110.3220.3850.471264
Boog PowellTBMTGCF59228437666121972937110.3330.4160.425263
Michael ReedMILBLXRF612023061124534963054190.3020.3860.475263
Mac WilliamsonSFRICDH612353668132538100225030.2890.3610.426263
Jantzen WitteBOSPOR1B602222867182441101303220.3020.3840.455263
Nick WilliamsTEXFRILF662573575133828118245260.2920.3530.459258
Roman QuinnPHIREACF582324471664151011842290.3060.3560.435258
Erik GonzalezCLEAKRSS602652972153540108105380.2720.2990.408254
Todd HankinsCLEAKROF6024740691144221002357150.2790.3440.405254
Tim AndersonCWSBIRSS612553576115127100958220.2980.3230.392253
Eric JagieloNYYTRN3B582223663162935110185800.2840.3470.495252
Matt JuengelMIAJAXLF6121930621221342117143120.2830.3230.534251
Jorge PolancoMINCHASS5924535741224261021835140.3020.3480.416248
Travis HarrisonMINCHALF62220385916232988305920.2680.3750.400248
Nomar MazaraTEXFRIRF632283067122734104295500.2940.3780.456247
Max KeplerMINCHACF501853563177326103192390.3410.4000.557247
Tom MurphyCOLNBRC6022131591511038106187040.2670.3290.480246
Carlos AsuajeBOSPOR3B59220345415333284313830.2450.3520.382244
Tony KempHOUCC2B501933669101019813528150.3580.4570.420241
Christian MarreroCWSBIRIF652363366103724103373510.2800.3830.436241
* Min 100 AB

Jose Berrios Minnesota Twins - BeGreen90
BeGreen90 - Flickr
Well what do you know, the Twins have another top prospect!  Jose Berrios is the 4th ranked prospect in the Twins organization, and at just 21 years old is patiently waiting for a shot at the MLB.  He can touch 95 with his fastball with a changeup that allows him to strikeout better than a batter per inning.  Once the likes of Mike Pelfrey, who is actually having a nice season, Phil Hughes and Ricky Nolasco have played out their contracts, Berrios could find himself the Ace of the Twins staff.
The Phillies selected Aaron Nola with the 7th overall pick in the 2014 MLB Draft, and he is already pitching in AAA now, making his 1st start 3 days ago, throwing 5 shutout innings.  Ranked 2nd in Philadelphia's farm system, they could use him ASAP, but with the season already over for the Phils, there is no need to rush him.  Wouldn't be surprised if he makes a spot start or two this season and is pitching in September.  I mean, how long can you go with Sean O'Sullivan, Jerome Williams and Kevin Correia?

Jose BerriosMINCHA733.09131378.27027621831.16240.9
Aaron NolaPHIREA731.88121276.2591649590.89235.9
Angel SanchezPITALT812.79131377.17224419491.18234.7
Aaron BlairARIMOB632.70131383.17025823641.12233.2
Matt BoydTORNH611.10121273.2399318700.77232.4
Shane CarleCOLNBR743.40131379.18230715451.22220.7
Frank BatistaCHCTNS621.60121273.15713419511.04218.7
Justin HancockSDSA623.05131376.28026629601.42216.4
Jared MortensenTBMTG533.12131378.06327519671.05212.5
Albert SuarezLAAARK653.20131376.07627620531.26211.5
Jason CreasyPITALT713.01131374.28025426361.42211.4
Joe BiaginiSFRIC631.56111169.15212313470.94209.7
Jake ThompsonTEXFRI653.75131372.07330421711.31209.5
Chris DevenskiHOUCC711.1812861.0438315510.95209.5
Will RobertsCLEAKR623.76131379.07133811441.04207.0
Brooks HallMILBLX733.05121265.05422413551.03205.5
Nate SmithLAAARK543.13131374.26726922621.19203.4
Jaime SchultzTBMTG533.11131366.25123542811.40199.9
Chad KuhlPITALT533.24131375.07227524531.28199.5
Luis CessaNYMBIN642.34111165.16017214491.13197.7
Jake BrighamATLMIS633.05121265.05522114491.06192.5
Tyrell JenkinsATLMIS442.84131376.06724333471.32191.5
Nate LongOAKMID442.52131071.15920527581.21191.2
William CuevasBOSPOR643.61121262.15525325631.28190.7
Felix PenaCHCTNS523.32111165.05424521671.15189.5
Josh TurleyDETERI553.18121270.26825624481.30189.4
Chris JensenOAKMID554.89141481.090441232421.51189.0
Tyler WagnerMILBLX522.43111166.25718120481.16188.4
Jake EschMIAJAX543.65121269.05828423561.17188.0
Ryan CarpenterCOLNBR453.72131375.08031515581.27188.0
Myles JayeCWSBIR533.23121269.26025421491.16187.9
Greg PeaveyMINCHA624.66131373.17938714391.27187.7
Austin PruittTBMTG443.33121270.18026120611.42184.7
Shawn MorimandoCLEAKR462.94131370.15423435551.27184.7
Ryan MerrittCLEAKR453.42121276.1782969431.14184.7
Chris AndersonLADTUL543.78121266.26128535581.44183.4
Jorge LopezMILBLX523.02121262.24921326581.20182.4
Jesse BiddlePHIREA613.90121264.27128425431.48181.9
Austin VothWASHAR343.22131272.26526314651.09180.9
Andrew FaulknerTEXFRI534.31131364.26631533621.53178.4
Jeremy KehrtLADTUL453.19121267.26824518561.27178.4
*Min 5 GS

Stats via MILB.com

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