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Baseballs Luckiest Hitters

Earlier we focused on those MLB players with the worst luck to begin the season, looking at LD% and BABIP.  Now we look at those around the Majors hitting lots of fly balls, and still owning a BABIP above .300. There have been just 63 players since 2010 that finished the season with a FB% greater than 40% and a BABIP over .300. 44% (28) of those came in 2010.  The last two seasons have seen just 9 players each year do this, and 18 individual players.  Only Jayson Werth, Evan Longoria, Justin Upton, Adrian Beltre, Paul Konerko, Corey Hart and Aramis Ramirez accomplished this feat twice since 2010.

This list continues to shrink each and every week as players with high flyball ratios BABIP falls under .300 or players that are keeping a .300 BABIP hit less flyballs.

Logan ForsytheAnthony Rizzo and Alex Gordon joined this group of hitters, while Neil Walker and Adrian Gonzalez have been removed from the grouping.  Walker still owns a .301 BABIP, but his FB% fell below 40%, AGonz owns a .311 BABIP and down to 37% FB,

Derek Norris, Brandon Moss and Dexter Fowler all saw their BABIP fall below .300, while maintain a FB rate greater than 40%.

Colby Rasmus has seen decreased playing time, removing him from FanGraphs qualified list of hitters and off the top of this chart.  He does still own a ridiculous 48.3 FB% and .342 BABIP.

Kris Bryant0.38248.10%13.50%
Bryce Harper0.36444.90%30.40%
Lucas Duda0.32044.70%11.90%
J.D. Martinez0.31444.00%21.20%
Evan Longoria0.32142.50%8.20%
Justin Upton0.33942.00%16.00%
Andrew McCutchen0.32041.90%10.00%
Mike Trout0.34141.00%22.00%
Josh Donaldson0.32240.30%18.30%
Logan Forsythe0.32740.20%9.50%
Troy Tulowitzki0.37440.10%10.70%
Stephen Vogt0.34040.00%18.60%
Anthony Rizzo0.31640.00%16.70%
Alex Gordon0.31040.00%12.10%

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