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NBA Finals Game 6 Highlights - Warriors Are Champions

So LeBron James set nearly every NBA Finals record and the Cleveland Cavaliers still lost to the Golden State Warriors.  Basketball is 5v5 not 1v5 and that is why the Warriors are NBA Champions.  The Warriors beat the Cavs 105-97.

LeBron played a helluva series, and became the first player in NBA history to lead BOTH teams in points, rebounds and assists for the series.  But it was Andre Iguodala, the man put in the starting lineup for the first time all season, asked to guard LeBron, and play a role offensively as well, who earned the Finals MVP award. 

This is how you win the MVP

When Iguodala was in, LeBron shot 38% and the Cavs were -55. When he sat, LeBron shot 44% and the Cavs were +30 - @SherwoodStrauss

The last two NBA Finals MVPs have been asked to do this, and Kawhi Leonard helped the San Antonio Spurs defeat LeBron James and the Miami Heat last season.

Iguodala averaged 16 points, 5.8 rebounds and 4 assists for the series, and if he made more than 335% of his free throws, could have averaged 20 points per game.  He made just 6 of his final 21 attempts but still managed to score 25 points in the series finale.  he shot 52% from the field and 40% from downtown.

Stephen Curry averaged 26 points, 6.3 assists and 5.2 rebounds in the six game series and wasn't even at his best in half of the games! 

Draymond Green did not shoot the ball very well, but still averaged 13 points, 8.3 rebounds and 5 assists and posted a triple-double to help the Warriors win the 'Ship.

Klay Thompson and Harrison Barnes ..... where you at!?

This tweet from @tomhaberstroh is mind boggling

Without LeBron James on the floor this series. JR Smith 0/9 FG Delly 0/7 FG J. Jones 0/3 FG Shumpert 0/2 FG Total 0/21 FG


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