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RotoDerby Grand Slam

Rotoderby is offering amazing prizes for the month of July!  A $100 entry will get you into the $1,750, Grand Slam.  Catch is, it's a 20 team pool and first come first serve!


  • All teams compete on just 3 stats:
    • HR (5pts)
    • RBI (1pt)
    • K (-1pt)
  • Choose 10 players from the player pool, 6 infielders and 4 outfielders.
  • Do not exceed the "HR Stat Cap" limit of 210 Home Runs.
Nolan Arenado is now the top Rotoderby player with 147 points.  24 HRs and 68 RBI with 41 strikeouts is hard to beat.  Albert Pujols is right behind him with 133 points thanks to just 29 strikeouts this year!  23 HRs and 47 RBI helps a little too.  Todd Frazier is the only other player with 120+ points and just Bryce Harper, Giancarlo Stanton, Paul Goldschmidt and Mark Teixeira have cracked 100 points.

Most Valuable Players

These guys will cost you 20 home runs or less!
  • Nolan Arenado
    • Arenado has had an amazing month of June, crushing 12 home runs and driving in 33 runs while striking out just 15 times, for a Rotoderby best 78 points.  Arenado will cost you just 18 home runs.
  • Paul Goldschmidt
    • Best player in fantasy baseball, regardless of the format.
  • Bryce Harper
    • 2nd best player in fantasy baseball, regardless of the format.
  • Manny Machado
    • We are finally seeing Machado blossom into an All-Star and his 7 home runs and 21 RBI puts him in the top 10 of Rotoderby players for June.  He is hitting .364 this month, and nearly doubled his HR and RBI totals.  His 12 HR salary is the best deal around.
    • Rarely would I suggest a guy hitting .195 to anyone in fantasy sports, but Valbuena hit 9 more home runs in June, 19 on the year, and he will only cost you 16 home runs.  He is a perfect fit in Houston with the short porch in left field at Minute Maid Park.

Players to Avoid

  • Nelson Cruz

    • Cruz has hit just 1 home run in the month of June, and struck out 23 times.  The Mariners offense is dreadful and Cruz has hit just 9 home runs in May/June after hitting 10 in April!
  • Mark Trumbo
    • Since joining the Mariners, 20 games ago, Trumbo is hitting just .151 with 21 strikeouts, 1 home run and 5 RBI.  Just avoid all the Mariners bats.
  • Marcell Ozuna
    • With Giancarlo Stanton out of the Marlins lineup, Ozuna will try to knock in some extra runs, but he struck out 30 times so far in June and hit just 1 HR.
  • Justin Upton
    • Not a great month of Upton, 33 strikeouts, 2 home runs and just 9 RBI.  He could and is likely to bounce back but at 29 HRs he is not worth the risk.
  • Lucas Duda
    • Steven Matz will be hitting cleanup for the Mets for the foreseeable future.  Duda has hit just 1 HR and has just 8 RBI in June, striking out 26 times.  Matz had 4 RBI in his MLB debut.