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RotoDerby Winner Takes All

RotoDerby Longball Derby August

Rotoderby is offering amazing prizes for the month of August!  A $19 entry will get you into the $300 Winner Takes All.  Catch is, it's a 20 team pool and first come first serve!  You can also try your luck in the $9 Winner Takes All Silver Derby for a chance to win $140!


  • All teams compete on just 3 stats:
    • HR (5pts)
    • RBI (1pt)
    • K (-1pt)
  • Choose 10 players from the player pool, 6 infielders and 4 outfielders.
  • Do not exceed the "HR Stat Cap" limit of 210 Home Runs.

Albert Pujols is now the top RotoDerby player with 165 points.  29 HRs and 62 RBI with just 42 strikeouts is hard to beat.  Pujols passes Nolan Arenado, even though Arenado has 10 more RBI.  Arenado has hit 5 less home runs and struck out 11 more times to trail Pujols by 26 RotoDerby points.  Todd Frazier is the only other player with 130+ points and just Bryce Harper and Mark Teixeira have cracked 120 points.  Paul Goldschmidt has been the best player in real life baseball this season, but his 81 strikeouts prevents him from being a top 10 player in RotoDerby.

Mike Trout leads RotoDerby eligible players with 44 points in July, on 9 home runs and one more strikeout (17) than RBI (16).  Adrian Gonzalez is one point behind him thanks to 8 homers and 3 more RBI (12) than K (9).  Robinson Cano...finally!...and Jose Bautista are the only others with 30+ points in July.

Most Valuable Players

These guys will cost you 20 home runs or less!
  • Paul Goldschmidt
    • Best player in fantasy baseball, regardless of the format.
  • Bryce Harper
    • 3rd best player in fantasy baseball, regardless of the format.
  • Manny Machado
    • We are finally seeing Machado blossom into an All-Star and his 5 home runs and 7 RBI in July ranks him 11th for the month, and with 7 RBI you can thank his ability to put the ball in play, striking out just 9 times.  His 12 HR salary is the best deal around.
    • Brantley has only hit 3 home runs in July, but he has a +12 RBI/K ratio which has allowed him to score 27 RotoDerby points, good for 6th overall this month.  At 20 home runs he isn't the cheapest option, but is a great value.  He has a +28 RBI/K on the year, 2nd to Buster Posey's +34.
  • Josh Reddick
    • Dare to be bold?  Select Reddick.  His +19 RBI/K ratio is tied with Arenado for 4th best in RotoDerby, and he will only cost you 12 home runs!  He has the same amount of RD points as Anthony Rizzo, who will cost you 32 homers!

Players to Avoid

  • Justin Upton
    • Another BAD month for Upton, hitting under .200 since nearly hitting .400 in May.  At 29 HRs and the threat of being traded to an unknown team makes him nearly impossible to select.
  • Jose Abreu
    • What happened to this guy!?  He crushed 36 home runs last season so he will cost you but he only hit 2 home runs in July and struck out 22 times to just 10 RBI.  Looking at his split, he hit 29 HRs prior to the All-Star break last season.  Just 22 in 591 ABs since.
  • Anthony Rizzo
  • Carlos Santana
  • Nelson Cruz