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Why Is Cam Newton a MVP Candidate?

Yes, I get it, the Carolina Panthers are 8-0 and Cam Newton is the face of the franchise. What I do not get is why everyone is praising Cam Newton and considering him the MVP of the league. I'll admit, I have seen one Carolina Panthers game the whole year, so there could be something I'm missing, and please fill me in if you are a Cam supporter.

Let's take a look at his numbers.

Newton has completed 53.7% of his passes this year. That ranks him 31st in the NFL. Not very good. And that very well could be due to the fact he's playing with no name wide receivers (I do feel bad his #1 WR is Ted Ginn Jr.) and Kelvin Benjamin will not see the field this year. But a MVP in my eyes is supposed to make the guys around him much better.

His best target is tight end Greg Olsen, who is a top 5 tight end in the league. Cam has only hit on 53.6% of his passes to Olsen (37 for 69). Again, not very good.

His 1,820 passing yards are good for 23rd in the league - slightly above Jay Cutler, Andrew Luck, Colin Kaepernick, Marcus Mariota, Brian Hoyer and Ben Roethlisberger. All guys who have missed time this year.

Newton ranks in the middle of the pack with his 14 passing touchdowns and has thrown the 6th most interceptions with 9.

His passer rating is 81.3, which is 26th in the league.

Let all of what you just read absorb into your head. Now think about it - does that sound the MVP of the NFL?

I guess where everybody loves Newton is his ability to run the ball. Newton has rushed for 343 yards and 5 touchdowns on 73 attempts. That is impressive, I will give him that. However he's a quarterback, not a running back and should be doing more with his arm.

So if the season ended today, are you giving Cam Newton your MVP vote?

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