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That One Guy in Our 20 Team League That's Still Undefeated

Fantasy Football UndefeatedAny Given Sunday.  There is a reason that quote is famous.  Fantasy Football is not that much different than the NFL when it comes to predicting wins.  Last season, I was able to win a 14 team league, undefeated, but what is even more impressive, is going undefeated in a 20 team league!  

That is exactly what is happening right now in the fourth season of our 20 team fantasy football league.  Tall Midgets (Berto) just won his 10th game in a row, beating my brother Michael by less than one point!

Automated Insights Week 10 Highlights

What If

  • Tall midgets would have beaten 13 other teams besides Stafford Infection this week.
  • If Tall midgets had played every team in the league each week, they would be 151-39.

Game Notes

  • The 0.98-point margin of victory was the smallest in the league this week.
  • Tall midgets remains undefeated in close games this season, improving to 2-0.
  • The draft continues to pay off for Tall midgets, which got 71.8% of their points from players they drafted.

With the 7th pick in our draft, Berto selected Adrian Peterson in the first round. He selected Latavius Murray with the 34th pick in round two before adding Julian Edelman, 47th, in the third.  After possibly reaching for Jason Witten in the fourth round, 74th overall, Berto added a QB in the fifth round, drafting Philip Rivers with the 87th pick.  The only other receivers he drafted were Torrey Smith (6th round, 114 overall) and Dwayne Bowe (11, 207).  

We only start (1) QB, (1) RB, (2) WR, (1) TE and (1) RB/WR/TE FLEX as well as a kicker and DEF/ST.   

Clearly he has added some WR help via the waiver wire. 

Even before the NFL season started, Berto dropped DeAngelo Williams for James Jones on August 30th. He also happened to add Danny Amendola (dropping Jones) on November 11th, winner the waiver claim the week his own receiver, Edelman, is potentially lost for the season.  It is the second time this season he has rostered Amendola.  He added him back on September 30th, and dropped him on October 14th for Brandon LaFell.

He has also added the following receivers over the course of the season:

There are just three regular season games left in our fantasy league, with an 8 team playoffs. Berto has already clinched a spot. In order for him to reach the playoffs undefeated, he will need to beat Matt Ryan, Frank Gore and Calvin Johnson in Week 11, Cam Newton, Justin Forseett and Mike Evans in Week 12 and in Week 13 he will matchup with the 20th ranked team (1-9), a team that currently features Nick Foles, Demaryius Thomas, T.Y. Hilton, Allen Hurns, Martellus Bennett.