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Fantasy Football's Best Weekly Lineups

With fantasy football's regular season complete, I decided to look back at the season and create the top scoring lineups from each week.  The rosters feature (1) QB, (2) RB, (2) WR, (1) TE, (1) FLEX< (1) K and (1) DST.

Aaron Rodgers, Cam Newton, Drew Brees and Tom Brady each lead the QB position in points twice.

Devonta Freeman (3) and DeAngelo Williams are the only RBs to appear multiple times at the RB1 position.  Freeman also appeared one more time in the RB2 list.  Adrian Peterson, Lamar Miller and Todd Gurley each appeared in both the RB1 and RB2 lists.

Allen Robinson and DeAndre Hopkins are the only WRs to lead the position in points scored twice.  Hopkins found himself as the 2nd WR one week as well.  Antonio Brown makes two appearances in the WR2 list and once led the NFL in points at the position.  Julian Edelman was twice the #2 receiver.

Tyler Eifert, who leads the NFL in touchdowns, has been the top TE three times.  Antonio Gates and Benjamin Watson have done it twice.

The FLEX was filled by a RB or WR five times each, leaving three weeks for a TE.

Cairo Santos and Stephen Gostkowski have led the league in K points three times, including each scoring 15 points in Week 15.  Travis Coons also scored 15 points that week!

Week 3 saw the highest scoring lineup with 245.71 fantasy points.  Week 7 and Week 12 were the only other times the league leaders scored 220+ points.

Average League Leading Lineup

Fan Pts

Tom Brady was the only QB to average 30 fantasy points per game this season.  Drew Brees, Ben Roethlisberger, Philip Rivers, Carson Palmer, Aaron Rodgers and Cam Newton scored between 25 and 27 points per game and is further proof that you do not need to draft a QB in the early rounds.  Andy Dalton and Blake Bortles averaged 24 points.

Devonta Freeman (14.49) and Adrian Peterson (10.50) were the only RBs to average 10+ fantasy points and play at least 10 games.  Mark Ingram, Chris Ivory, Matt Forte, LeSean McCoy, Lamar Miller and Todd Gurley averaged 9+ ppg.

DeAndre Hopkins, Antonio Brown, Julio Jones and Odell Beckham were the only WRs to average 13+ fantasy points per game.  Martavis Bryant (7 games) averaged 12.61 points and Brandon Marshall posted 12.55 points per game on average.  

Larry Fitzgerald is the only other active WR scoring more than 10 fantasy points on a weekly basis.  We wrote a blog post earlier in the year claiming Fitzy is a WR1 when Palmer is healthy and he lived up to the hype this season with 91 receptions, 1,047 yards and seven touchdowns.  Those totals are good for 7th most fantasy points at the WR position this season.

Rob Gronkowski (11.73) and Tyler Eifert (11.01) were the lone TEs to post double digit fantasy points each week on average.  Jordan Reed, Gary Barnidge, Greg Olsen, Antonio Gates and Delanie Walker all scored 9 or more points on average.

Week 1209.56Week 2213.37Week 3245.71
QBTom Brady34.31QBTom Brady38.12QBAaron Rodgers39.46
RBCarlos Hyde24.6RBDeAngelo Williams24.6RBDevonta Freeman31.15
RBMatt Forte17.8RBMatt Jones19.8RBJamaal Charles24.6
WRJulio Jones23.55WRTravis Benjamin25.25WRA.J. Green28.35
WRDeAndre Hopkins23.4WRJulian Edelman22.95WRSteve Smith Sr.27.8
TERob Gronkowski25.2TECrockett Gillmore18.9TEGreg Olsen22.7
FLEXTyler Eifert21.7FLEXAllen Robinson22.75FLEXRandall Cobb26.65
KBrandon McManus18KStephen Gostkowski19KStephen Gostkowski17

Week 4203.43Week 5211.54Week 6207.01
QBDrew Brees31.68QBJosh McCown43.74QBPhilip Rivers39.56
RBDevonta Freeman27.95RBDoug Martin28.4RBDevonta Freeman24.8
RBJeremy Hill22RBDevonta Freeman21.85RBJames Starks19.35
WRTavon Austin20.8WRAllen Robinson19.1WRDeAndre Hopkins24.4
WRVincent Jackson18.35WRAndre Johnson18.85WRMartavis Bryant22.25
TEMartellus Bennett15.65TEAntonio Gates21.1TEBenjamin Watson17.35
FLEXLe'Veon Bell18FLEXTyler Eifert20.5FLEXChris Ivory18.3
KCairo Santos27KCoons/Gostkowski/Sturgis15KChris Boswell17
DSTDetroit22DSTGreen Bay23DSTMiami24

Week 7222.54Week 8209.85Week 9211.27
QBKirk Cousins39.59QBDrew Brees53.65QBMarcus Mariota39.67
RBLamar Miller27.8RBTodd Gurley15.8RBDeAngelo Williams28.75
RBTodd Gurley23.15RBRonnie Hillman15.25RBLamar Miller22.55
WRNate Washington22.85WROdell Beckham Jr.28.5WRCole Beasley22.1
WRT.Y. Hilton21.5WRJulian Edelman19.55WRAntonio Brown21.8
TEJordan Reed21.1TEBenjamin Watson17.85TETyler Eifert23.15
FLEXDanny Woodhead22.55FLEXBrandin Cooks19.25FLEXDelanie Walker22.25
KBlair Walsh19KJustin Tucker20KJosh Brown17
DSTSt. Louis25DSTHouston20DSTNew York Jets14

Week 10205.96Week 11194.77Week 12220.99
QBAaron Rodgers32.56QBCam Newton36.22QBMatthew Stafford40.89
RBJeremy Langford24.6RBThomas Rawls30.75RBAdrian Peterson24.85
RBAdrian Peterson22.3RBSpencer Ware17.55RBC.J. Anderson22.65
WRAntonio Brown25.95WRDeAndre Hopkins20.4WRDoug Baldwin28.25
WRMichael Floyd21.15WRTyler Lockett16.65WRCalvin Johnson26.65
TEZach Miller19.85TETyler Eifert14.6TEAntonio Gates16.65
FLEXCharcandrick West21.55FLEXAhmad Bradshaw16.6FLEXBrandon Marshall23.05
KCairo Santos19KMason Crosby22KGraham Gano17
DSTKansas City19DSTKansas City20DSTCarolina21

Week 13216.62
QBCam Newton41.07
RBJavorius Allen20.5
RBJames White16.95
WRAllen Robinson30.65
WRAntonio Brown27.9
TERichard Rodgers17.3
FLEXJeremy Maclin19.25
KShayne Graham16

OffenseLeague Value
Passing Yards50 yards per point
Passing TDs4
Rushing Yards20 yards per point;
1 points at 100 yards;
1.5 points at 150 yards;
2 points at 200 yards
Rushing TDs6
Reception Yards20 yards per point
Reception TDs6
Return TDs6
2-Point Conversions2
Fumbles Lost-2
Offensive Fumble Return TD6

KickersLeague Value
FGs 0-19 Yards3
FGs 20-29 Yards3
FGs 30-39 Yards3
FGs 40-49 Yards4
FGs 50+ Yards5
FGs Missed 0-19 Yards-3
FGs Missed 20-29 Yards-3
FGs Missed 30-39 Yards-3
FGs Missed 40-49 Yards-2
FGs Missed 50+ Yards-1
Point After Attempt Made1
Point After Attempt Missed-1

Defense/Special TeamsLeague Value
Fumble Recovery2
Block Kick2
Kickoff and Punt Return TDs6
Pts Allowed 0 points10
Pts Allowed 1-6 points7
Pts Allowed 7-13 points4
Pts Allowed 14-20 points1
Pts Allowed 21-27 points0
Pts Allowed 28-34 points-1
Pts Allowed 35+ points-4
Extra Point Returned2
Fantasy Football Best Weekly Lineups