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San Francisco Giants Sign Johnny Cueto

The San Francisco Giants are doing everything they can to compete with the Arizona Diamondbacks and Los Angeles Dodgers, this time signing Johnny Cueto to a six year $130 mil contract.  This after signing Jeff Samardzija to a 5 year $90 mil deal! Cueto and Madison Bumgarner are as good a pitching duo there is in the MLB.  

Since 2010, Cueto and Bumgarner own two of the top 12 ERAs among starters.

Cueto finished second in the 2014 NL Cy-Young voting, losing out to Clayton Kershaw. In 2012, Cueto finished fourth, behind R.A. Dickey, Kershaw and Gio Gonzalez

The Cincinnati Reds traded Cueto to the Royals for Brandon Finnegan and John Lamb on back in July, knowing that they are rebuilding and were not considering re-signing Cueto.  The Royals got a World Series Championship out of it, thanks to a complete game from their rental player.

San Francisco Giants Sign Johnny Cueto