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Kyrie Irving Set to Return to Cavaliers

The Cleveland Cavaliers are off to an Eastern Conference best 17-7 record, and Kyrie Irving has yet to be in uniform.  Well that is all about to change on Sunday when the Cavs get the former #1 pick back in the lineup.  

LeBron James ShotchartCleveland has managed with Mo Williams and Matthew Dellavedova playing the PG position, while relying heavily on LeBron James and Kevin Love to put points on the scoreboard.  

LeBron is doing something he has not done since his last season with the Cavs during his original tenure with the team, average 20 shots per game.  He is being aggressive on offense while shooting slightly above his career average at 49.8%.  However, his 3pt% is well below his career average at 27.8%.  Kyrie should help LeBron increase his FG% even more, finding him under the basket, while giving LeBron another option to find on the perimeter and increasing his assist totals.

Love is shooting 43.4% over 99 games with Cleveland.  This season, he has done a nice job averaging 17.6 points, nearly 2.5 3ptm, and 10.8 rebounds.  The return of Kyrie should create some pick and pop plays and we could see Love's shot attempts decline, but his FG% increase.

Williams and Delly have averaged right around 25 fantasy points per game each, which ranks them in the top 50 PGs, with the likes of Darren Collison and Raymond Felton.  Irving obviously will eat into both their production.

Last season we saw Irving average around 43 fantasy points per game, which was good for Top 10 among PGs.  I would expect to see him return to that status immediately and those of you who drafted and held onto him will now get to reap the benefits.  Kemba Walker and Isaiah Thomas are currently averaging ~43 fantasy points.