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NFL Week 17 DFS D/ST Plays

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I glanced ahead at the D/ST prices last night and was not overly excited with what I saw.  There just isn't a D/ST that stands out to me but that doesn't mean we can't find something that will work for the right price.

D/ST Cheat Sheet

  1. Low Vegas Point Total  
  2. Home Team  
  3. Facing A New/Inexperienced QB  
  4. Favorite in Vegas

1.  Cincinnati ($3300)

Baltimore 41.5
Cincinnati -7

This is one of the lower point totals on the day.  The Ravens will be starting quarterback Ryan Mallett who pulled a nice game out of his hat against the Steelers.  The Bengals defensive front will create a lot more pressure forcing Mallett into decisions he is not comfortable with.  Mallett is accurate and has a big arm...when he has time.  When he is forced to make quick decisions, the game seems to break down on him.  His quick decision making often ends badly putting his team in deeper holes.  The Bengals are a large home favorite, low point total, facing new inexperienced quarterback.  The Bengals check off all our items and are priced right.  I like the Bengals D/ST this week.

2.  Denver ($4000)

San Diego 40
Denver -7.5

The Denver D/ST unit will be one of the more highly owned D/ST units this week.  It is a juicy match up with a very low point total and Denver is a large home favorite.  You have to pay up for the Denver D this week and I am not willing to do it.  Saving money this week will be key.  I will be saving money at the D/ST position though this one is hard to ignore.  Denver has one of the fiercest pass rushes in the NFL.  The Chargers offensive line has been decimated with injuries and is the Chargers weakest unit.  Rivers could be sacked 5+ times in this game.  Many times those sacks create additional turnovers.  A defensive score is certainly not out of the question here.  If you want to pay up for the Denver D/ST, you won't hear an argument out of me.

3.   Dallas ($2100)

Washington 40
Dallas -4

This is a weird one.  It is a price point I like a lot in a game that could be strange.  The Redskins have nothing to play for in this game and it is likely they sit most of their starters.  The Cowboys defense has been quite strong all season and they now face a Redskins team where few of the offensive skill players may be playing.  $2100 is a very nice price for a defensive team that ranks top five against the pass.  The total for the game is a very low 40 and the Redskins are only projected for 18.  The Cowboys are last in the NFL with with just 11 take aways but that could change this week where they are a home favorite playing against mostly second teamers on both sides of the ball.

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