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How Your Scoring System Changes Fantasy Baseball - First Base

You see fantasy baseball players ranked before their drafts, a month into the season, at the All-Star Break and when the season is over.  But what does it really mean, and how does it change the way you view MLB talent?

2016 Fantasy Baseball First Base Rankings

When comparing two pitching scoring systems - I gathered the following data:

League 1League 2
R - 2AB - (1)
1B - 1H - 5.6
2B - 22B - 2.9
3B - 33B - 5.7
HR - 2HR - 9.4
RBI - 2BB - 3
SB - 1HBP - 3
BB - 1SB - 1.9
CS - (2.8)

Missing from League 1 Top 25 1B

Missing from League 2 Top 25 1B

Top 30 First Base Ranking Change +/-3

Miggy was limited to just 119 games in 2015, but hit .338 with a .440 OBP.  His lack of playing time limited his run + RBI total, hurting him in League 1.  Butler managed to pick up just 44 XBH, which was a thing in Oakland this year as his teammates, Canha and Stephen Vogt, also hat less than 45 XBH, despite them being three of the top four RBI men for the Athletics behind Josh Reddick (49 XBH).  Not a single player on Oakland had 50 XBH, yet somehow the A's had more extra base hits than 12 MLB teams.

How Your Scoring System Changes Fantasy Baseball - Starting Pitchers 
How Your Scoring Sytem Changes Fantasy Baseball - Catchers

RPV (Fantasy Points-Top 20 Avg)/Top 20 Avg

League 1PointsRPVLeague 2PointsRPV
Paul Goldschmidt81026%Paul Goldschmidt1271.340%
Joey Votto73915%Joey Votto124537%
Chris Davis72713%Anthony Rizzo102713%
Anthony Rizzo71812%Chris Davis1025.413%
Edwin Encarnacion70610%Edwin Encarnacion991.49%
Eric Hosmer6887%David Ortiz9555%
Jose Abreu6653%Prince Fielder9181%
Kendrys Morales6613%Jose Abreu898.5-1%
David Ortiz6521%Eric Hosmer895.9-2%
Prince Fielder6481%Todd Frazier890.3-2%
Todd Frazier634-1%Miguel Cabrera874.8-4%
Albert Pujols616-4%Kendrys Morales864.1-5%
Buster Posey616-4%Buster Posey859.6-6%
Adrian Gonzalez611-5%Adrian Gonzalez852.3-6%
Carlos Santana611-5%Albert Pujols817.9-10%
Adam Lind575-11%Carlos Santana788.6-13%
Miguel Cabrera551-14%Logan Forsythe771.4-15%
Brandon Belt546-15%Brandon Belt767.7-16%
Logan Forsythe544-15%Adam Lind759.2-17%
Joe Mauer544-15%Lucas Duda728.1-20%

League 2 was top heavy, while League 1 kept the position on a more level playing field.

Fantasy Baseball 1B RPV