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How Your Scoring System Changes Fantasy Baseball - Starting Pitchers

You see fantasy baseball players ranked before their drafts, a month into the season, at the All-Star Break and when the season is over.  But what does it really mean, and how does it change the way you view MLB talent?

Well that all depends on your league specific scoring system.  Over the next few weeks we will re-create this post for each position, showing you that just because Shelby Miller did not even win 10 games, that does not mean he was not very valuable to leagues that do rely on other statistics! 

When comparing two pitching scoring systems - I gathered the following data:

League 1League 2
W - 10IP - 7.4
IP - 2.5K - 2
K - .5H - (3)
ER - (1)BB - (3)
HR - (12)

Missing from League 1 Top 20 SP

Pitching on a bad Cincinnati Reds team for most of the year, Cueto won just 10 games (13 losses) in 2015, which hurt him in League 1.  However, another 200+ inning season plus a top 20 WHIP and 172 strikeouts help him stay at the top of League 2.

 Missing from League 2 Top 20 SP

King Felix won 18 games, climbing the League 1 rankings to 10th overall, but his 3.53 ERA and 1.18 WHIP and 23 home runs allowed saw him plummet to 23rd in League 2 rankings.

2016 Fantasy Baseball Starting Pitching Rankings

Top 50 Pitchers Ranking Change +/-25

League 1 vs League 2

League 2 vs League 1

Syndergaard was hurt in League 1 with just 150 innings pitched,.  League 2 rewarded his 1.05 WHIP, which was up there with Corey Kluber and Carlos Carrasco.  Shields benefited from League 1 counting wins, with 13.  Hard to believe, but only 33 pitchers won at least 13 games!

How Your Scoring System Changes Fantasy Baseball - Catchers
How Your Scoring System Changes Fantasy Baseball - First Base 

Top 50 Pitchers Within +/-5 Spots

Lance Lynn45405
Matt Harvey21174
Danny Salazar32293
Jacob deGrom16133
Max Scherzer642
Alex Wood44431
Clayton Kershaw211
Madison Bumgarner761
Marco Estrada39381
Mike Leake46451
Wade Miley47461
Zack Greinke431
Carlos Martinez26260
Chris Archer11110
Chris Sale990
Cole Hamels20200
R.A. Dickey33330
Jake Arrieta12-1
Sonny Gray1415-1
Dallas Keuchel35-2
Edinson Volquez2931-2
Gerrit Cole810-2
David Price58-3
Chris Heston5055-5
Jeff Samardzija3742-5
Jordan Zimmermann2530-5

Yordano Ventura (49th SP in League 2 vs 51st in League 1)

Fantasy Baseball SP RPV