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NFC Wild Card - Green Bay Packers @ Washington Redskins

Losing the NFC North title was not the worst thing that could have happened to the Green Bay Packers. They could have beat the Vikings and hosted the Seattle Seahawks, which somehow doesn't seem fair. Good thing for Aaron Rodgers and the rest of the Packers, they'll fly to Washington to take on Kirk Cousins and the Redskins. Although the Redskins are no easy task, they without a doubt give the Packers a must better chance to advance in the playoffs.

14 touchdowns, one interception, and 280 yards per game. That's what Aaron Rodgers  Kirk Cousins did in the final 6 games of the season. Aaron Rodgers on the other hand threw eight touchdowns, five interceptions and averaged just 223 yards per game.

So the real question leading up to this game, which Green Bay Packers offense is going to show up? The one where Rodgers looks like an MVP or the one where he is scrambling for his life and making you shake your head at his decision making.

Luckily for Green Bay, the Redskins have a middle of the pack pass rush (tied for 14th in the NFL) and rank 25th in passing yards allowed. The Packers have to find a way to get Randall Cobb the ball in open space. Cobb led the team in receptions with 79 but finished with 829 receiving yards, second to James Jones who only had 50 receptions. Not having Jordy Nelson definitely took it's toll on Rodgers and Cobb this year but they'll need to get it done without him against the Redskins. Cobb saw more targets this year than last year but had over 400 less yards and his touchdowns were cut in half, going from 12 to just six.

It will be interesting to see if the Packers give Eddie Lacy a heavier workload than he saw all season long. When Lacy saw at least 17 carries, the Packers went 4-0 this year. Lacy averaged 126 rushing yards. Lacy is a guy who needs to get consistent carries to get into a rhythm. Plus he's 234 lbs, so when the defense is constantly getting run over by him, it will definitely ware them down, making things easier for Rodgers in the passing game. James Starks should still see a handful of carries and be in for passing downs but the Packers need Lacy to be the workhorse this weekend if they want to beat the Redskins.

Similar to the Lacy situation, the Redskins have finally gotten back to giving Alfred Morris a healthy amount of carries. Over the final four weeks of the season, Morris saw his carries increase each week from 11-14-17-19 and the Redskins won all four games. An established run game has made things a lot easier for Kirk Cousins. Also having a healthy DeSean Jackson, Jordan Reed and Pierre Garcon has made it tough on opposing defense to stop the pass.

As hard as it is to pick against Aaron Rodgers, I'm going to have to this week. I don't see Lacy getting enough carries, and the offensive line for Green Bay has given up 14 sacks the last two weeks. The Redskins are hot right now and the offense is really clicking. Jackson, Reed and Garcon are a great trio of receivers for Cousins and they'll simply make more plays than Cobb, James Jones, DeVante Adams and Richard Rodgers.

Give me the Redskins 34-28.

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