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How Your Scoring System Changes Fantasy Baseball - Second Base

You see fantasy baseball players ranked before their drafts, a month into the season, at the All-Star Break and when the season is over.  But what does it really mean, and how does it change the way you view MLB talent?

2016 Fantasy Baseball Second Base Rankings

When comparing two pitching scoring systems - I gathered the following data:

League 1League 2
R - 2AB - (1)
1B - 1H - 5.6
2B - 22B - 2.9
3B - 33B - 5.7
HR - 2HR - 9.4
RBI - 2BB - 3
SB - 1SB - 1.9
BB - 1CS - (2.8)

Missing from League 1 Top 20 2B

Missing from League 2 Top 20 2B

Top 30 Second Base Ranking Change +/-5

Dozier bats leadoff for the Twins, despite a .307 OBP and 28 home runs.  With 178 R+RBI, it makes sense why he would rank first in League 1 vs 6th in League 2.  Panik only played in 100 games (382 ABs) for the Giants, but was on pace with the best of League 1 2B in points per AB.

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RPV (Fantasy Points-Top 20 Avg)/Top 20 Avg

NameLeague 1RPVNameLeague 2RPV
Brian Dozier65223%Jose Altuve951.933%
Ian Kinsler63219%Dee Gordon901.926%
Jose Altuve62918%Jason Kipnis85819%
Robinson Cano60013%Robinson Cano828.115%
Dee Gordon58911%Ian Kinsler821.614%
Jason Kipnis58210%Brian Dozier816.914%
DJ LeMahieu5728%Logan Forsythe771.47%
Matt Duffy5687%DJ LeMahieu735.92%
Logan Forsythe5442%Matt Duffy713.8-1%
Brandon Phillips5351%Ben Zobrist706-2%
Neil Walker524-1%Brandon Phillips691.6-4%
Ben Zobrist511-4%Neil Walker667.3-7%
Kolten Wong508-4%Daniel Murphy644.6-10%
Daniel Murphy487-8%Odubel Herrera633.8-12%
Brett Lawrie478-10%Kolten Wong629.9-12%
Martin Prado447-16%Chris Coghlan628-13%
Jace Peterson446-16%Brett Lawrie610.3-15%
Howie Kendrick441-17%Justin Turner602.4-16%
Odubel Herrera438-18%Martin Prado579.1-19%
Chris Coghlan438-18%Joe Panik574.6-20%

Interesting to see how valuable Altuve was in League 2, but I guess that's what 58 XBH and a +23 net stolen bases can do for you!

Fantasy Baseball 2B RPV