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How Your Scoring System Changes Fantasy Baseball - Shortstop

You see fantasy baseball players ranked before their drafts, a month into the season, at the All-Star Break and when the season is over. But what does it really mean, and how does it change the way you view MLB talent?

2016 Fantasy Baseball Shortstop Rankings

When comparing two pitching scoring systems - I gathered the following data:

League 1League 2
R - 2AB - (1)
1B - 1H - 5.6
2B - 22B - 2.9
3B - 33B - 5.7
HR - 2HR - 9.4
RBI - 2BB - 3
SB - 1SB - 1.9
BB - 1CS - (2.8)

Missing from League 1 Top 20 SS

Missing from League 2 Top 20 SS

Top 30 Shortstop Ranking Change +/-5

Believe it or not, Semien had the fifth most XBH at the SS position with 45, tied with Correa.  He was hurt in League 1 by his 110 R+RBI, good for 20th. Correa only played in 98 games last season and still led the position in home runs and sixth in RBI.

RPV (Fantasy Points-Top 20 Avg)/Top 20 Avg

NameLeague 1RPVNameLeague 2FGrank
Xander Bogaerts61228%Xander Bogaerts784.128%
Brandon Crawford53512%Jhonny Peralta713.417%
Elvis Andrus52610%Yunel Escobar71317%
Jhonny Peralta5249%Brandon Crawford677.511%
Yunel Escobar5137%Marcus Semien651.77%
Troy Tulowitzki5117%Elvis Andrus648.46%
Ian Desmond5045%Carlos Correa645.46%
Alcides Escobar477-1%Troy Tulowitzki624.12%
Asdrubal Cabrera474-1%Asdrubal Cabrera620.32%
Erick Aybar472-2%Ian Desmond617.71%
Alexei Ramirez468-2%Francisco Lindor606-1%
Marcus Semien467-3%Jung Ho Kang583.3-5%
Starlin Castro451-6%Alexei Ramirez567.6-7%
Carlos Correa445-7%Brad Miller564.7-8%
Freddy Galvis439-8%Jose Reyes553.3-9%
Jimmy Rollins439-8%Erick Aybar549.8-10%
Jose Reyes438-9%Starlin Castro537-12%
Addison Russell433-10%Addison Russell527-14%
Jung Ho Kang433-10%Jimmy Rollins518.7-15%
Didi Gregorius432-10%Didi Gregorius516.1-16%

Bogaerts was valued equally in both leagues, despite drastically different scoring.  Same can be said for Crawford, however, in League 2 Peralta and Escobar were more valuable players.  League 1 saw a more even distribution of value at the SS position.

Fantasy Baseball SS RPV