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Early Yahoo Fantasy Baseball ADP Results

Yahoo Fantasy Baseball has not been operating mock drafts for very long, but the early results are in and while most things are pretty standard, there are a few names that jump out from the top 50.  We will compare Yahoo results to the NFBC, which can be found over at

Yahoo Fantasy Baseball ADP

Round 1

Jose Bautista has the largest gap in ADP with a 27 in NFBC compared to 12 on Yahoo.  That would put Joey Bats at the beginning of Round 3!  Not sure how you feel about that, but I would much rather have Manny Machado (SS eligible), Jose Altuve and Anthony Rizzo ahead of Bautista.

Andrew McCutchen and Miguel Cabrera are not in the NFBC top 10, and actually both fall into the second round with McCutchen at 14 and Cabrera at 16.

Nolan Arenado is 7 in NFBC drafts, ahead of Kris Bryant.  Actually, Machado is ahead of Bryant as well. Arguments can be made for all three players, but I think I want Bryant's ceiling.  We currently have Bryant ranked 2nd at third base, behind Josh Donaldson.

Round 2

Yahoo owners are "reaching" for Joey Votto at 22, while NFBC owners are getting a great value at 35, the end of the third round.

For the most part, round 2 is pretty set with a couple players moving up or down a spot or two.  NFBC owners like Cubs Rizzo and Jake Arrieta a little more than Yahoo owners.  Rizzo is actually a first round pick with an ADP of 11.

Chris Davis jumps into the end of Round 2 in NFBC drafts, a 22 spot leap from 46 on Yahoo.  We could argue all day about why that is.  Please feel free to leave a comment below.

Looking for Luck in Fantasy Baseball Drafts

Round 3

Nelson Cruz. Charlie Blackmon, Yoenis Cespedes and Felix Hernandez are valued nearly a round less by NFBC owners, while Gerrit Cole, Matt Harvey, George Springer and Kyle Schwarber have ADP jumps of 7 spots or higher.

Chris Sale, Madison Bumgarner, Jose Fernandez, Zack Greinke and Jacob deGrom are all in or around the same ADP, so feel very comfortable with a pitcher in the third.  My suggestion would be to make this your first pitcher drafted.

Round 4

Corey Kluber and Ryan Braun are the only players that drafted between picks 37 and 48 in both Yahoo and NFBC drafts.  

Prince Fielder finds himself being drafted 80th overall in NFBC, 43 spots below his Yahoo ADP.

Carlos Gonzalez and Adam Jones find themselves in the middle of round 5 in NFBC, while Adrian Gonzalez isn't selected until the sixth.

NFBC owners are taking Todd Frazier and Noah Syndergaard more than 15 picks ahead of Yahoo owners. Pitchers Stephen Strasburg, Dallas Keuchel and Chris Archer all find a bump in NFBC, ahead of King Felix.

Following ADP trends can help you dominate your draft. It is important to understand when it's the right time to pull the trigger on a player and those on which you can wait. We will continue to do this throughout Spring Training and will add ESPN and CBS results once they are available.

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