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12-Team Yahoo Fantasy Baseball Mock Draft

It may be the beginning of February but Spring Training is less than a month away, so it's time to start preparing for your fantasy baseball drafts! Aside from doing some research and reading up on pre rankings, the best way to have a strategy heading into your draft, is to partake in a mock draft. 

I participated in a 12-man mock draft on Yahoo! and drafted at number 8. 

Starting lineup 


(8) Giancarlo Stanton 

Your first round pick should always be a franchise player. A guy you would love to have your favorite MLB team build a team around. That's exactly what I did, grabbing with the number 8 overall pick. 

The number 8 spot is a tough place to pick, you know you have no chance at the big 3 - Mike Trout, Bryce Harper or Paul Goldschmidt, as well as the best pitcher in the game Clayton Kershaw, so I had to make a decision between Stanton, Andrew McCutchen and Miguel Cabrera. I chose Stanton solely because of his ridiculous power. 

(17) Max Scherzer 

Anytime you can grab a potential MVP and a Cy Young to start your draft, you have to feel good about that. I could not let Scherzer go, and now my offense and pitching is set up beautifully. 

(32) Madison Bumgarner

Having two Cy Youngs at the head of your staff allows you to hold off on drafting anymore pitchers for a handful of rounds and build a good offensive core. 

(41) Kyle Schwarber

I took Schwarber simply because of his eligibility at the catcher position and he can absolutely crush the ball. 

(56) Carlos Gomez

20+ home runs and blazing speed, sign me up! Gomez should have a great season with the up and coming Houston Astros. 

(65) Jason Heyward

Let's see if Heyward can live up to his monster contract. But playing in Chicago in the middle of that lineup, Heyward is due to have his greatest season yet. 

(80) Adrian Beltre

This guy never seems to age. He'll be 37 at the start of the season and is showing no signs of slowing down. Hopefully he can stay healthy in 2016. 

(89) Ian Kinsler

The power numbers were done last year but Kinsler hit right around .300. With a healthier Tigers team in 2016, Kinsler should score more runs and see better pitches to hit. 

(104) Francisco Liriano

Liriano has been excellent since joining the Pirates in 2013. Last year he saw his walks decrease and has his first 200+ strikeout season since 2010. 

(113) Evan Longoria

I've always been a huge Evan Longoria fan and he's stayed healthy the last 3 seasons, and I can see him bounce back with a .280 avg, 25 home runs and 85 RBI. 

(128) Lance McCullers

McCullers was in the middle of that miracle Houston Astros playoff run last year and he has the talent to be the real deal. I expect a good season from the young right hander. 

(137) Huston Street

Hopefully Mike Trout and the LA Angels have a break out season and Street racks up the saves. 

(152) Francisco Rodriguez

Yes this guy is like 50, and he never makes it look easy, but each and every year K-Rod gets the job done. 

(161) Elvis Andrus

Waited until the 14th round to pick my shortstop. Andrus doesn't do a whole lot to impress me, but I'll take his high number of stolen bases. 

(176) Lucas Duda

The Mets offense is not going to be the boring offense we've seen in the past. Duda will be in the middle of that lineup providing the power. Anything less than 25 home runs will be a huge disappointment. 

(185) Yordano Ventura 
(200) Matt Holliday
(209) Luis Severino
(224) J.P. Crawford
(233) Byron Buxton
(248) Jose Berrios
(257) Lucas Giolito
(272) Trevor Plouffe
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