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Drafting Head First Into First Base

The goal in creating this breakdown was to offer a top 5 for the position, a breakout guy, and a sleeper.  After going through projections of 1st baseman we need to realize we have a ton of options for this position and can easily fill the utility spot or corner infield spot with a 1st baseman.

Paul Goldschmidt1003312016.305.405
Anthony Rizzo953210512.275.385
Miguel Cabrera86281101.320.405
Jose Abreu90331021.292.375
Edwin Encarnacion8635952.265.370
Chris Davis85421051.250.360
Joey Votto8025905.285.403
Steve's Projections

The draft strategy should be to grab one of these top 7 1st baseman within the 1st 3 rounds of your draft.  If you have one of the top 5 picks you can target Paul Goldschmidt.  Goldschmidt is the #1 1st baseman because of his stolen base potential.  Less and less guys are stealing bases at this point so grabbing 10 to 15 steals from a stud 1st baseman makes this a safe top pick.

Anthony Rizzo and Miguel Cabrera offer a slightly different collection of stats.  Both guys should be available at the end of the 1st round or top of the 2nd round in your drafts so you can weight their upside to complement your other pick in the wrap around draft format.  Rizzo is in the middle of a potent Chicago Cubs offense.  We expect his runs scored and RBIs to be up this season.  Cabrera is still the top hitter in the game but he does come with injury concerns.  If he can play 150 games then he can be expected to out produce Rizzo in 4 of the 5 categories.  Cabrera is coming off a season in which he hit .331 so he is probably the favorite to win another batting title.

Fantasy Baseball First Base Rankings

The next group of guys include Jose Abreu and Edwin Encarnacion.  These guys are being drafted 20th and 21st.  Encarnacion's ESPN ADP is 14!  If you are committed to a 1st baseman in the 2nd round these guys are safe options.

The next tier is Chris Davis and Joey Votto.  These guys are being drafted 26th and 28th on average and this presents great value.  If you can grab one of these guys at the tail end of the 3rd round you are sitting in a good spot.  I would love to grab one of these two guys because I don’t believe the differential will be all that great between these 7 guys.

Wil Myers Fantasy Baseball
BeGreen90 - Flickr


My breakout player for 1st base is Wil Myers.  Myers was touted as a “can’t miss prospect” and has disappointed his first few years.  This year he is being drafted at pick 253 which means you can grab a 25 year old 1B/OF with power and speed in the last round of your draft that has the highest projected wOBA on his team at .330 and is penciled in 3rd in the batting order.  He is capable of 20 HRs and 10 SBs with a .260 average.


I want to offer two sleepers for 1st base in Justin Bour and C.J. Cron .  Bour hits right hand pitching very well.  He hit 23 HRs last year all vs right hand pitching.  A great streamer option if you want to be real active on a daily basis and play matchups.  Bour should be in the cleanup spot in the Miami lineup behind Giancarlo Stanton which presents plenty of RBI opportunities.

Don't Sleep on 2B Late in Drafts

Cron should be the starting 1st baseman while Albert Pujols is out for the 1st month of the season and should move to DH or OF once Pujols returns.  Cron can hit 25 HRs with his power and the Angels need him in their lineup.  The 1st month of the season should set the tone for Cron’s season.

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