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Dont Sleep On 2B Late In Drafts

Jose Altuve85126040.305.335
Dee Gordon9044254.292.310
Robinson Cano8018785.290.336
Matt Carpenter9520753.280.350
Brian Dozier95237214.240.327
Steve's Projections

Draft strategy is very important when deciding who to draft at 2nd base.

The goal in creating this breakdown was to offer a top 5 for the 2nd base position, a breakout guy, and a sleeper.  After going through 2nd base projections I decided to offer up a few sleeper options.  My draft strategy is not to take a 2nd baseman in the top half of the draft, unless I can get one of these guys that drops to me 8 to 10 spots lower than their ADP (average draft position).  My belief is position scarcity and the need for stolen bases has made people reach for 2nd baseman.

Many people will reach for Jose Altuve and Dee Gordon.  People will be intrigued with their stolen base production.  Altuve is certainly the #1 2nd baseman based on projections.  He has led the American League in hits and steals for two straight years.  Being at the top of the Astros lineup means the runs scored will be there for him also.  He just seems like a 3 category guy based on the lack of HRs in his career.  Last year was his 1st season with double digit HRs and I don’t want that from a 1st round pick,  His ADP is currently 9.5.  If he slips into the 2nd round, 5 or 6 picks later I would grab him.

Drafting Head First Into First Base

Dee Gordon is picked 18.5 on average and that is too high for a 3 category guy.  His batting average last year of .333 will most likely not be repeated based on the back of his baseball card.  I project a lower average but steals are safe.

The next tier is over-valued because of position scarcity.  Robinson Cano has not lived up to his contract in Seattle and is being drafted with pick 45 on average.  Going 47th is Matt Carpenter who will put up very similar stats to Cano and is overpriced.  Neither guy will break double digit steals. Dozier is capable of a 15/15 season but at pick 66 his batting average will hurt you.

I would much rather wait and let Rougned Odor drop to me in the 9th/10th round who projects to put up a similar line to Cano and Carpenter.  After him you can wait until the end of the draft to take the likes of Starlin Castro, Logan Forsythe, Jonathan Schoop or Devon Travis - when he returns from injury - who will be competitive with any other 2nd baseman drafted earlier.

Fantasy Baseball 2B Rankings

But the guy I suggest you target late is Brett Lawrie.  I think he puts it together with his move to the Chicago White Sox.  Playing in Oakland is not easy for hitters.  Lawrie has 5 category potential, is batting 5th in the lineup and could be coming into his own at 26 years old.  Great sleeper potential if you decide to wait on 2nd base.

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