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Home/Away Home Run Splits

Home Run Splits Home/Away

Looking at players who hit 15 home runs both home and away in 2015

Chris Davis291862%
Carlos Gonzalez241660%
Josh Donaldson241759%
Jose Bautista231758%
Bryce Harper231955%
Alex Rodriguez181555%
Todd Frazier191654%
J.D. Martinez201853%
Albert Pujols202050%
Mike Trout202149%
Nolan Arenado202248%
Edwin Encarnacion182146%
David Ortiz152241%
Nelson Cruz172739%

Todd Frazier is the only player that changed teams - moving to the AL and playing at U.S. Cellular, does this allow him to hit more or less than 19 home runs at his new Park?

Players That Hit At Least 15 Home Runs at Home

Kris Bryant215
Manny Machado2114
Lucas Duda198
Adam Jones1710
Adrian Gonzalez1711
Chris Carter177
Jose Abreu1614
Khris Davis1611
Kole Calhoun1610
Brian McCann1610
Justin Upton1511
Evan Gattis1512
Luis Valbuena1510

Duda is a surprise on this list at Citi Field is not known to be a hitters park, but he hit just .215 on the road this year.

Sure, Abreu had a down year hitting just .290 with "only 30 HRs", but even in his rookie season he only hit 15 of his 36 home runs at home.

As a member of the Athletics, Davis moves to the Coliseum and that could be a problem for his HR total in 2016.  Oakland's home field allowed the fourth least amount of HRs in the MLB last year.

Players That Hit At Least 15 Home Runs on the Road

Yoenis Cespedes2510
Paul Goldschmidt2013
Anthony Rizzo2011
Kyle Seager197
Ryan Braun178
Mark Teixeira1714
Joey Votto1514
Matt Carpenter1513
Brandon Moss154
Brian Dozier1513

Cespedes splits have been difficult to understand as he has not played for just one team since the Athletics in 2013.

It's weird to see Bryant crushing a majority of his HRs at Wrigley Field while Rizzo hit nearly half of his on the road.

The Mariners hit 90 home runs at home last year, but Cruz and Seager, the teams leading HR hitters, only hit 24 of them?  Robinson Cano and Mark Trumbo combined for 19 homers at Safeco Field.

Mark Teixeira played in just 111 games last year, but managed to hit 31 home runs.  You would think that most of those would have come via the short porch in RF at Yankee Stadium, but then you remember that Tex can hit the ball out of every ballpark in the MLB.

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