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Swinging a Hot Stick in April

There is nothing better than drafting a player who gets off to a hot start, like Justin Upton hitting 12 home runs in April of 2013.  However, the MLB season is a marathon, not a sprint, and it's important to remember that sometimes you need to know when sell a player at peak value.  But that is different discussion for another day.  Let's focus in on the players who have dominated the first month of the season over the last three years.

You Won’t Believe Who’s #6 On This Cool Spring Breeze List of Hot Sizzling Pitchers

Joey Votto209.5191.2204.2604.9
Adrian Gonzalez159.2220.5218.4598.1
Mike Trout160.2238.0197.5595.7
Justin Upton254.6212.6127.4594.6
Paul Goldschmidt187.8206.9192.2586.9
Troy Tulowitzki170.3262.3114.1546.7
Josh Donaldson178.2201.7166.3546.2
Nelson Cruz163.4175.3205.2543.9
Miguel Cabrera214.9111.7207.0533.6
Bryce Harper239.4108.3178.7526.4
Jed Lowrie194.0174.8136.5505.3

Since 2013, we have seen a decline in players scoring 150 points in April - from 53 down to just 23 last year.

Anthony Rizzo is the only other player to score 150 points in each of the last three Aprils, but has not totaled 500 points.  Jose Altuve and Chris Davis have score more points than Rizzo, but each had a season where they failed to score 150 points.

There is one name on that list that jumps out in a group of future Hall of Famers - Jed Lowrie.

He got off to a hot start in 2013, with 14 XBH in the month of April. Lowrie had another quick start in 2014, with eight doubles and two home runs, drawing 20 walks.  In 2015, Jed hit .300 with four doubles and four home runs.  His 12 walks led to a .432 OBP.  Unfortunately, his season lasted just 69 games due to injury and the Astros promoted this kid named Carlos Correa.

Over the past three seasons, Lowrie has a triple slash of .313/.425/.508 with 23 doubles and nine home runs.

Now a member of the Athletics, Lowrie is slated to bat second and play 2B according to

Troy Tulowitzki27883291724222113000.364262.3
Jose Bautista27922740824183021010.293248.0
Mike Trout271093582621181434400.321238.0
Adrian Gonzalez271013290818241124100.317220.5
Charlie Blackmon289937715231878720.374219.2
Jose Abreu291153181102032928000.270216.0
Melky Cabrera27120418251811420300.342213.7
Justin Upton25923031817181133300.326212.6
Carlos Gomez28116347271915935410.293212.4
Paul Goldschmidt311244012042118928210.323206.9

Troy Tulowitzki had the greatest April in recent memory in 2014, totaling 262.3 fantasy points.  With seven home runs that month, Tulo hit .381 with nine doubles and a triple (.762 SLG) while drawing 21 walks, leading to a .495 OBP.

Justin Upton269428501222191630300.298254.6
Chris Davis27923280919281626000.348253.0
Bryce Harper26933261918181416120.344239.4
Shin-Soo Choo271013481420111719200.337230.4
Dexter Fowler26952941820151524410.305221.4
Coco Crisp24992810152412177810.283216.0
Miguel Cabrera251023761421281314100.363214.9
Robinson Cano26107358071817917100.327212.0
Prince Fielder25932860715271924010.301211.5
Joey Votto281033031417112629110.291209.5

In 2013, Justin Upton and Chris Davis each scored over 250 points.  Upton hit 12 home runs that month, despite striking out 30 times.  He only hit 14 more HRs that year, eight in August.  Davis totaled 17 XBH in April of 2013,  He followed up nine home runs in April with 10 in May and 12 in June en route to 37 home runs before the MLB All-Star Game.

Last season saw the fewest number of player score 150 points in April.

Adrian Gonzalez2181319081919710000.383218.4
Miguel Cabrera23833160512171516110.373207.0
Nelson Cruz22872831101422718100.322205.2
Joey Votto22822641713171519200.317204.2
Mike Trout22762550520141621600.329197.5
Matt Carpenter218632131321141011010.372196.8
Paul Goldschmidt21772640518201519500.338192.2
Jose Altuve229836702131668920.367180.2
Adam Jones2075306151719510010.400179.6
Bryce Harper23772250518152230020.286178.7

Scoring System:
  • 1B - 5.6
  • 2B - 8.5
  • 3B - 11.3
  • HR - 15
  • BB - 3.5
  • SB - 2.5
  • AB - (-1)
  • CS - (-3)

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