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A Different Way to Enjoy March Madness

March Madness

This is different than your everyday March Madness Bracket Pool. Instead of filling out an entire bracket, you pick one team from each seed to represent your line up through the entire tournament.

You choose one of the 1-seed’s, one of the 2-seeds, etc. Each game your team wins scores you points (how awesome!).

Each line-up you want to submit is $10. All money taken in will be paid back out to winners. Payouts will be determined after all line-ups and payments are received. 

To submit a lineup, fill out the form below! Please send payments via paypal to Payments other than paypal can be given to Brad in any various forms. Please contact Brad via email.

Tell your friends!

Scoring is simple, each team that wins gets points. You get points based on the seed as follows:
  • 1-seed = 10 points
  • 2-seed = 11 points
  • 3-seed = 12 points
  • 4-seed = 13 points
  • 5-seed = 14 points
  • 6-seed = 15 points
  • 7-seed = 16 points
  • 8-seed = 17 points
  • 9-seed = 18 points
  • 10-seed = 19 points
  • 11-seed = 20 points
  • 12-seed = 21 points
  • 13-seed = 22 points
  • 14-seed = 23 points
  • 15-seed = 24 points
  • 16-seed = 25 points
Good luck and have fun!

**The play-in games do not count as wins. If you choose any of the teams from a play-in game you automatically the winner starting on Thursday**

Potential Upsets via Yahoo Brackets

  • West Virginia and Miami are the most popular 3 seeds selected to win a Sweet 16 matchup
    • Miami needs to get past 6 seed Arizona first, who are the most popular pick to upset any 3 seed
  • Duke and Kentucky are the most popular 4 seeds selected to win a Sweet 16 matchup
  • 5 seeds Maryland and Purdue are the only two teams with 50% of brackets predicting a second round upset.  Maryland over California and Purdue over Iowa State
  • Gonzaga and Northern Iowa are the most popular double digit seeds to win two games
    • The Zags would have to upset Seton Hall and Utah
      • At less than 1% - Gonzaga is the most popular double digit seed to reach the Final Four
    • The Panthers will have to beat both Texas and Texas A&M
  • At 61%, VCU is the only double digit seed with a first round upset
    • Zags and Syracuse above 45%
  • Yale is the most popular 12 seed (vs Baylor)
  • Hawaii is the most popular 13 seed (vs Cal)
  • Fresno State is the most popular 14 seed (vs Utah)
  • Weber State is the most popular 15 seed (vs Xavier)
  • 27% of brackets have Michigan State winning the National Championship

For even more details and to follow along during the tournament, click here