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Fantasy Baseball Mock Draft - RealTime Fantasy Sports

Have I mentioned yet that I love mock drafting? It was round three for me to participate in an expert mock draft run by Howard Bender over at RealTime Fantasy Sports. Again, Howard from Fantasy Alarm and host on SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio, wasn't the only expert in this draft. 2-time AL Tout Wars champ Lawr Michaels (@lawrmichaels) was also in attendance . There were a number of other excellent players making this a very competitive mock draft.

Similar to my last two mocks (check them out here and here), this one was a 23 round standard 12 team draft (14 hitters / 9 pitchers). This time I landed with the 3rd pick overall. I haven't drafted 3rd yet this season so I was looking forward to seeing some different players in the early rounds.

Before I dive into my picks, you can go here to see the full grid results of every team's picks round by round.

And here is my team:
  • Paul Goldschmidt (Round 1.03, overall pick 3): I have him #2 overall in my ranks. Trout and Harper went before me so this was an easy one.
  • Max Scherzer (Round 2.10, overall pick 22): I debated between Scherzer and Jose Abreu. I decided Scherzer because I felt if I missed Abreu coming back to me, there were still a few hitters that I would be happy with in the next round. I wanted the ace more who is my #2 pitcher behind Kershaw.
  • Jose Abreu (Round 3.03, overall pick 27): I was very happy to see Abreu fell to me anyways. I have him in my top 20 and this felt like this was a nice third round value.
  • Ryan Braun (Round 4.10, overall pick 46): In rounds 4 and 5 I wanted another great SP and another great bat. Knowing the 2 picks were close, I went with the bat first because there was a group of SP's still left I liked, and one would fall to me in the 5th. Braun the the top bat on my board and I see myself with a lot of him this year. I'm just higher on him than most.
  • Stephen Strasburg (Round 5.02, overall pick 51): Wanted a second ace to backup Scherzer and I was very pleased to get the high K/9 upside.
  • Wade Davis (Round 6.10, overall 70): As long as it's not overpaying, I want to get an elite closer. Jansen and Kimbrel were gone and Davis was the last elite guy in that tier for me at the right value.
  • Yasiel Puig (Round 7.02, overall 75): I actually have Puig ranked close to Braun in the mid 40's overall so this felt like another steal. Really the upside is just as high as last year when he was a second round pick. He just comes with a cheaper price tag this year.
  • Jon Lester (Round 8.10, overall 94): I wasn't planning on another SP here, but monitoring my tiers, I saw a run happening. Lester was the last guy in a tier before a reasonable drop-off to me, so I went Lester here. After watching the next few rounds unfold, was very happy I made this pick.
  • Ben Revere (Round 9.03, overall 99): Looking at my roster construct, I had a lot more power than speed so far. Looking at the overall value of the guys left on my big board, Revere was the highest rated guy that would help me the most catch up where I felt I was a bit lacking. Not overpaying for him either was a plus.
  • Matt Duffy (Round 10.10, overall 118): I have Duffy within my top 75 and have a piece here detailing exactly why. Love Duffy in 2016, another bargain. 
My initial reaction couldn't have been happier with this draft. There were very few picks where I felt like I had a guy taken right before my pick and felt like a ton of value fell to me late. Click here to see my final 13 draft picks and the actual projected stats courtesy of

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