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21 Players Projected to Score 100+ RotoDerby Points

Ealier this month, we were kind enough to remind you that RotoDerby was back for another season of LongBall Derbies.  Now we are here to help you finalize your rosters.  Using Steamer projections for the 2016 MLB season, here are the 21 players projected to score 100+ RotoDerby points.

Edwin Encarnacion30888415439
Anthony Rizzo329910715231
Albert Pujols27866915240
Nolan Arenado29979314942
Jose Bautista31899714740
Mike Trout3610413814641
Bryce Harper339712114142
Giancarlo Stanton389615213427
Manny Machado27869812335
Miguel Cabrera26919912218
Jose Abreu329913712230
Josh Donaldson309312511841
Prince Fielder23899011423
David Ortiz24839011337
Adam Jones278911710727
Adrian Beltre19807010518
Paul Goldschmidt309214110133
Carlos Gonzalez288412310140
Maikel Franco23758910114
Buster Posey17735810019
Nelson Cruz319114610044
  • Beltre and Posey are the only players projected to score 100 points while hitting less than 20 home runs.  It's no surprise it has a lot to do with their low projected strikeout numbers.
    • Pujols (69) is the only other player on this list projected to strikeout less than 84 times.
  • Posey and Franco will cost you less than 20 home runs.
  • Posey, Cabrera, Beltre and Franco own the best projected points per salary.
  • Donaldson, Gonzalez and Cruz own the worst projected points per salary.