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NL East Arms vs NL East Bats

According to Jordan Gillis, the commissioner of our Dynasty Grinders Fantasy Baseball league, the average starting pitcher scored 24.25 points per start in 2015.  This includes Max Scherzer's 101.5 point start against the New York Mets on October 3rd (17 k "perfect game" - Yunel Escobar had a costly error) and -75 points from Jeremy Guthrie against the New York Yankees on May 25th (1 ip , 9 h, 4 hr, 3 bb, 1 k, 11 er).

AL East Arms vs Bats
NL Central Arms vs Bats

League Scoring System
  • IP - 7.5
  • K - 2
  • H - -2.5
  • HR - -12.5
  • BB - -3
  • HB - -3
With that being said, I wanted to focus in on what pitchers beat up on divisional rivals and which teams do a great job scouting their rivals best pitchers.

Key NL East Moves

NL EastAvg GS
vs Div
Max Scherzer49.1
Jerad Eickhoff41.0
Matt Harvey40.7
Stephen Strasburg35.5
Noah Syndergaard34.9
Jacob deGrom32.9
Jose Fernandez30.8
Julio Teheran28.0
Aaron Nola25.4

When the Mets and Washington Nationals play, it's a good day to fade the bats and just sit back and enjoy some great pitchers battle it out.  In 19 matchups last year, only two starting pitchers finished with negative points - Scherzer -0.5 and Niese -12.

30 pitchers finished with at east 30 points, higher than the league average of 24.25.  Harvey did it six times with a high of 60 points and three other starts of 54, 50 and 43, while deGrom had five starts of at least 25 points, twice scoring 41 points.

Strasburg has the only other two starts amongst NL East vs NL East that scored 70+ points.  They both came against the Philadelphia Phillies within 11 days of each other.  On September 15th, he shut out the Phils over 8 innings pitched, striking out 14 and walking one allowing a single hit - 82.5 points.  On the 26th, he punched out 13 more Philly bats allowing one run on three hits over 8 more innings - 75.5 points.
  • 158 fantasy points
  • 16 IP
  • 27 K
  • 4 H
  • 2 BB
  • 1 ER
Jose Fernandez made 11 starts last year, and six of them came against NL East team but none against the Mets.  He looked great up until his final start vs the NL Eat when the Atlanta Braves of all teams tagged him for six earned runs, including a leadoff home run by Nick Marakakis.  Oddly enough, and why you should not score wins in fantasy baseball, Fernandez got the W as Matt Wisler allowed the Miami Marlins to score seven runs in just two innings.  Jose scored just 3.5 points that day, his only start under 23 points.

Teheran only went negative twice against the NL East and both came in early season starts against the Nationals.  He allowed two home runs in each start, and surrendered 13 runs over 10.2 IP (9 earned).  He did score 40+ points four times, with three of them against the Phillies.

The Phillies are continuing to rebuild their franchise, but Eickhoff and Nola impressed last year.  In six starts against the division (3 vs Mets), Eickhoff averaged 41 points per start.  That includes a 19.5 points start at Citi Field where he allowed home runs to Michael Conforto and Curtis Granderson.

Nola had two starts where he scored -9.5 points - one against the Mets and one against the Nationals.  Both of them came in September and he allow six earned runs to score in each game.  Washington hit three home runs off him and the Mets tagged him for two dingers.

National League East Fantasy Baseball SP