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Yankees/Astros Game Postponed - Here Are Some DFS Replacement Players

Opening Day in the Bronx has been postponed by Mother Nature, which means Masahiro Tanaka and Dallas Kuechel will not be available today on DFS sites like DraftKings and FanDuel.  But don't worry, they were the early game at 1:05 EST so you now have an extra hour to swap out any NYY/HOU players in your lineups and here are some suggestions:

The DFS experts like the following stacks

Starting Pitchers

  • Dallas Kuechel ($9k DK, $9.4k FD)
  • Masahrio Tanaka ($8.8k DK, $7.5k FD)
Looking for another lefty? Well you have three Aces on the hill today - Clayton Kershaw @ Padres ($12.9k DK, $11k FD), Chris Sale @ Athletics ($10.8k DK, $10.3k FD) and Madison Bumgarner @ Brewers ($9.2k DK, 10.6k FD).  You can also drop down in salary and roll with Cole Hamels ($8.4k DK, 8.7k FD) who is home against the Mariners..

Max Scherzer ($12.3k DK, $10.5k FD) has a favorable matchup against the Atlanta Braves, but if you are looking for a cheap pitching option, roll with Raisel Iglesias ($8.9k DK, $6.4k FD) against the Philadelphia Phillies!

Lets Have Some Fun with BvP Numbers


Ben Zobrist saw enough of Garrett Richards during his time in the AL West to figure him out.  Over 11 ABs, Zobrist has a .545 BA and a 1.402 OPS.

Nearly 4% of Elvis Andrus ($3.7k DK, $2.7k FD) career RBI have come against Felix Hernandez and he hits .295 in 88 ABs with 4 2Bs.

This is a desperation play, but Billy Butler ($3.3k DK, $2.6k FD) owns a .357 batting average vs Sale in 42 at bats.  That has led to 3 doubles, 3 home runs, 10 runs batted in and a 1.047 on-base plus slugging.

Fade Chris Davis ($5.1k DK, $3.7k FD)?  A matchup with Ervin Santana sounds nice, but he hits below .200 against the Twins starter.  He does have three home runs, but the weather isn't going to be great tonight in Baltimore.


Bryce Harper ($4.5 DK, $4,8 FD) owns Julio Teheran - 23 ABs .435 BA with 3 2Bs, 3 HRs and a 1.475 OPS 

Angel Pagan ($3.9k DK, $2.5k FD) has seven hits in 13 ABs against Peralta and will be the Giants 2nd leadoff hitter, batting 9th.  

I would rarely suggest starting a batter against Zack Greinke but Carlos Gonzalez ($4.4k DK, $3.9 FD) owns a .360 BA over 25 AB including 3 HRs, 1 2B, 1 3B and a 1.247 OPS.
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