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The Philadelphia Eagles Trade For The #2 Pick in NFL Draft

Well we all saw this one coming. The Philadelphia Eagles have traded with the Cleveland Browns to acquire the #2 overall pick. The Eagles will receive a 2017 fourth rounder as well. Cleveland will get the #8, 77, 100 for this year, a 2017 1st round pick and a 2018 2nd round pick.

There was no need for Cleveland to hang onto the #2 pick as they signed Robert Griffin III and still have Josh McCown to battle it out for the starting QB job. Getting a handful of picks will help Cleveland rebuild and fill the holes at many positions.

Philly will select either quarterback Carson Wentz or Jared Goff, depending on who the Los Angeles Rams select with the first pick.

Who knows what this means for Sam Bradford and his status with the Eagles, despite signing a two year extension worth $36 million ($26 million guaranteed).

Look out for an updated mock draft later today!
Eagles Trade for #2 Pick in NFL Draft