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Dynasty & Chill Fantasy Football - 1st Round Draft Recap

Dynasty Fantasy Football IDP Draft Recap
Mike and I have decided to dive head first in dynasty fantasy sports this year, first joining a startup fantasy baseball league, Dynasty Grinders, and now a startup, 32 team, IDP dynasty fantasy football league - Dynasty and Chill.

This is a .5 PPR, that features flexible lineups - something that is a must in a league this large.  We will all start one QB, but we can play up to 4 RB, 5 WR and 3 TE, but must start one of each, for a total of 8 offensive players.

On the defensive side of the ball, we will start 11 players, with a minimum of 2 DEs and 2 CBs, a DT, LB and S.

Shoutout to @JayArr_FF for organzing this.

Draft order was decided by a random drawing where the owner with the "first pick" got to select which slot they wanted to draft out of.

The Rookie Draft will feature a reverse draft order of the NFL Draft, and will take place once all 1200+ players are drafted.

The first round started off with three QBs, Andrew Luck, Cam Newton and Russell Wilson, followed by four WRs, Odell Beckham, Antonio Brown, Julio Jones and DeAndre Hopkins. J.J. Watt and Allen Robinson were the next two selections before Todd Gurley was the first RB selected, 10th overall.

Rob Gronkowski (13) was the lone TE drafted in Round 1.

Aaron Donald (14) and Luke Kuechly (26) were the only other defensive players selected in the first 32 picks.

In total, 15 WRs were drafted in the opening round, compared to seven QBs and just six RBs.

There were plenty of trades made, including the first overall pick in the draft, which was swapped for the 23rd pick, a fourth and seventh round selection.  Furyan Wrath also gave up a 12th and 15th rounder, as well as the first pick of the 2nd round in the Rookie Draft.

Peter Quill's Pelvic Sorceries was the only team to acquire a second 1st round pick. He will start his franchise with Watt/Bortles, but no 2nd or 3rd round pick. He did pick up an extra pick in the 8th round, so that will be interesting to watch how his team is built.

1Carter CowboysAndrew LuckINDQB
2The Red PillCam NewtonCARQB
3Brooks Was HereRussell WilsonSEAQB
4Poutin' SamOdell BeckhamNYGWR
5Sulaco Bug StompersAntonio BrownPITWR
6Teenage Mutant Ninja BortlesJulio JonesATLWR
7Saving Matthew RyanDeAndre HopkinsHOUWR
8Peter Quill's Pelvic SorceriesJ.J. WattHOUDE
9#freekeshaAllen RobinsonJACWR
10The Burfict StormTodd GurleyRAMRB
11The Expendables Amari CooperOAKWR
12Ezekiel 25:17 ElliottLe'Veon BellPITRB
13The Money and the YayoRob GronkowskiNETE
14Myles Jack's Smirking RevengeAaron DonaldRAMDT
15GREEN Street HouligansA.J. GreenCINWR
16The AvengersDavid JohnsonARIRB
17Kung Suh PandaAaron RodgersGBPQB
18Cool RunningsDez BryantDALWR
19Hasta La Vista BabyDevonta FreemanATLRB
20Dillon PanthersAdrian PetersonMINRB
21Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters Eddie LacyGBPRB
22Screaming LambsJameis WinstonTBBQB
23Furyan WrathMike EvansTBBWR
24Arizona QuintsSammy WatkinsBUFWR
25New Jack City PookiesMarcus MariotaTENQB
26The SpartansLuke KuechlyCARLB
27Wookiee of the YearAlshon JefferyCHIWR
28Transylvania TransvestitesKeenan AllenSDWR
29Minnetonka Mighty DucksJordan MatthewsPHIWR
30Peter Quill's Pelvic SorceriesBlake BortlesJACQB
31Franchise 9Jarvis LandryMIAWR
32Dug's Cone of ShameBrandin CooksNOWR

With the 20th pick, Mike and I debated over a few players, but we drafted Peterson with confidence, despite him being a 31 year old running back.  The idea is to win in the first year, and if that means drafting some older players, so be it.  We would have loved David Johnson, but The Avengers traded back from the 12 spot, picking up a 12th round selection and landed the Cardinals RB with the 16th pick.
With 32 teams and only 1 copy of each player, I targeted QB as a priority in this draft. I chose the 11 slot thinking that I would get a shot at Luck/Cam/Wilson, but they flew off the board. I also highly value youth in a dynasty startup, so that ruled out older guys like Rodgers in my mind. So sitting at 11, knowing I wanted a QB, I really wanted to trade back. I got a few offers, but they were mainly to drop from the 1st to the 2nd which in this league was too much in my opinion. I was able to work a deal where I moved back to 22 and picked up a later pick. I missed out on Amari Cooper, who went at 11, and I would have taken had I stayed there, but moved back and got a young QB that I considered at 11 and that I hope will be my starter for a decade. I can check that position off and start to look to fill the rest of my squad.- Screaming Lambs @Treg13
I was going Cam or Watt the second I got this pick. As soon as Luck and Cam went I had a chance to alter the rest of the 1st round if I pick Russ who is the safest play on the board which would hopefully cause a chain reaction of QBs through the first 2 rounds. It should enhance my pick at 62 by increasing the likelihood of that QB run in that divide. The goal was turning my 62 closer to top 50 value while locking in a franchise QB. In this format I felt I can't miss out on that top QB tier if I had the chance to be on it. - Brooks Was Here @BillingGreg
I thought it was crazy that 3 qbs went in the top 3. I was content with staying put at 29, but when I saw that, I knew I'd have a chance at a premier pass catcher if I could move up to the teens. So I tried to move up to 12, and it didn't happen. But I got to 13 and had to take gronk. Would have maybe liked a younger player here (Mike Evans, Sammy Watkins) but I thought the value of gronk at 13 was too good to pass on. - The Money and the Yayo @jgreen3641
I really thought I was mildly insane taking the 32 spot but being able to start Brandin Cooks Devante Parker takes the edge off.Love seeing the different strategies people are employing,looking forward to seeing how these rosters shape out. - Dug's Cone of Shame @thejuggrnaut