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First 48 - Four Round Fantasy Football Mock Draft

NFL Fantasy Football ADP Mock Draft

Using Fantasy Football Calculator ADP, we ran a 12 team mock draft to see what what this draft season has in store for us this Summer.  We did a little rearranging, just to make sure no team drafted a fourth WR, a third RB or a second TE or QB.

What the ADP graph shows is that Le'Veon Bell has started going ahead of Odell Beckham Jr. at the beginning of drafts while Adrian Peterson has passed David Johnson and catching up to DeAndre Hopkins.

Allen Robinson is slowing dropping back to the end of the first round, with Rob Gronkowski going before he does, which makes sense, even with Tom Brady being suspended for four games.  It wont be long now before owners are drafting Dez Bryant ahead of the Jaguars top receiver and it will be interesting to see if A.J. Green passes him by August.

One thing is clear, but will not matter because someone will always draft one in the first two rounds - you do not need to draft a QB inside the top 50.  Cam Newton and Aaron Rodgers, maybe even Andrew Luck, will be drafted way ahead of the rest of the bunch, but it is not a great strategy.  You can find Blake Bortles in the 6th, Philip Rivers & Eli Manning in the 9th round or even Kirk Cousins in the 10th.

The argument for Rob Gronkowski is very different (see Clayton Kershaw) and while Jordan Reed was amazing last year, I will not be drafting him in the third round of any league that I play in, including the 20 team league!

Overall we saw 24 wide receivers, 19 running backs, 3 tight ends and 2 quarterbacks drafted after four rounds.