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Baseball's Most Unlucky HItters

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 The following is a list of players in the MLB who are hitting line drives in more than 20% of their ABs, but have a BABIP below league average. These are players that you might want to consider holding onto if you own them, or trying to acquire on the cheap as their luck could change, soon....hopefully!

Prince Fielder, Nick Ahmed, Matt Duffy, Adeiny Hechavarria, Joey Votto, Justin Turner, Jason Heyward, Aaron Hill and Corey Seager have been on this list since our original post this year, back in April.

Baseball's Luckiest Hitters

Ryan Howard is no longer considered qualified, but among all players with 150+ PA, he owns the lowest BABIP at .159.  Todd Frazier (.192), Yan Gomes (.191) and Chris Coghlan (.176) are the only other players below .200.

NameCareer BABIP'16 BABIPLD%Pull%
Prince Fielder0.3020.21320%37%
Derek Norris0.2970.23521%37%
Mark Teixeira0.2830.23522%53%
Nick Ahmed0.2490.24123%42%
Coco Crisp0.2910.24621%38%
Justin Bour0.2930.25420%48%
Mitch Moreland0.2890.25421%46%
Buster Posey0.3210.25621%44%
Chris Carter0.2730.25621%41%
Matt Duffy0.3160.25824%28%
Adeiny Hechavarria0.3010.25924%26%
Josh Donaldson0.3000.26324%51%
Joey Votto0.3540.26424%42%
Justin Turner0.3160.26423%33%
Jose Iglesias0.3170.26624%36%
Edwin Encarnacion0.2720.26923%52%
Eugenio Suarez0.3170.27123%43%
Freddy Galvis0.2790.27226%43%
Yonder Alonso0.3030.27222%36%
Colby Rasmus0.2970.27824%53%
Starlin Castro0.3190.27823%36%
Alexei Ramirez0.2900.28222%46%
Jason Heyward0.3080.28322%40%
Aaron Hill0.2880.29121%41%
Melky Cabrera0.3080.29121%38%
Yoenis Cespedes0.3030.29124%42%
Corey Seager0.3210.29321%41%
Adam Duvall0.2710.29422%51%
Nick Markakis0.3170.29721%26%
Chase Headley0.3270.29822%34%
Jay Bruce0.2870.29924%46%

Hill and Bruce are actually hitting above their career BABIP.

Stats via FanGraphs