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Baseball's Luckiest Hitters

Nick Castellanos Detroit Tigers Fantasy Baseball
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There have been just 78 players since 2010 that finished the season with a FB% of at least 40% and a .300 BABIP or better. Last year, we saw 15 players accomplish this feat, which is the most since 2010 when 28 players did it. That means 55% occurred in just two of the last six seasons.

Justin Upton and Evan Longoria are the only players to have done this three times since the 2010 MLB season.

Baseball's Most Unlucky Hitters

Nick Castellanos, Travis Shaw, Brett Lawrie, Brandon Belt, Ian Kinsler, Mark Trumbo, Trevor Story, Manny Machado, Stephen Vogt and Mike Napoli are the only players to return to this list from the original post, back on April 18th.

NameCareer BABIP'16 BABIPFB%HR/FBHard%
Daniel Murphy0.3190.39745.0%11.8%38.6%
Nick Castellanos0.3320.38044.9%15.2%35.4%
Travis Shaw0.3330.36544.5%10.1%34.2%
Jonathan Lucroy0.3120.35441.0%14.1%35.3%
David Ortiz0.2980.34249.4%20.0%47.5%
Brett Lawrie0.3030.34144.9%9.7%24.6%
Brandon Belt0.3400.34042.2%9.2%35.9%
Ian Kinsler0.2890.33947.6%12.5%32.4%
Justin Upton0.3290.33644.8%5.4%33.6%
Mark Trumbo0.2930.33643.4%27.3%38.2%
Trevor Story0.3360.33646.2%22.4%41.3%
Manny Machado0.3110.32543.9%17.7%39.4%
Salvador Perez0.2960.32549.6%10.6%33.1%
Stephen Vogt0.2890.32443.4%6.3%24.7%
Matt Carpenter0.3330.32242.9%13.6%42.4%
Evan Longoria0.3030.31447.9%17.5%40.7%
Miguel Sano0.3620.31346.4%21.6%42.7%
Neil Walker0.3070.31346.4%20.0%36.2%
Freddie Freeman0.3340.30943.1%14.5%33.8%
Kris Bryant0.3570.30942.0%19.1%38.9%
Mike Napoli0.3070.30642.6%26.9%42.6%
Kyle Seager0.2890.30244.6%12.7%36.3%
Andrew McCutchen0.3340.30047.8%11.8%34.6%

Carpenter, Freeman, Bryant, McCutchen are all hitting below their career BABIP.

McCutchen's flyball rate is up 10% vs his career, while Napoli is hitting 7% more HR on FB up to 27%, maintaining his career FB% and career BABIP,

Upton is hitting at his career BABIP despite that ugly .220 BA - his HR/FB% is down at 5% vs 14% for career - he could see a huge power surge in the near future.

Stats via FanGraphs