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Breaking Down Jameson Taillon's Start vs Mets

Fantasy Baseball Pirates Jameson Taillon GIFs

Jameson Taillon is here to save those of us who missed out on Michael Fulmer and got burned by Jose Berrios. Finally a top pitching prospect that will be worth the roster spot this Summer, right? I hope so. He sure looked damn good against a weak Mets lineup on Tuesday, where he flirted with a No-No in just his second career MLB start. Let's do the damn thing.

Strikezone Plot from Tuesday June 14th start @NYM

Tons of arm-side location especially with the running 2-seam. Also interesting that a majority of his Curveballs found the arm-side as well. From first glance it appears he may have trouble locating glove-side or possibly be hesitant to attack that edge. Doesn't really look like the plot makeup of an 8 inning shutout performance that only yielded 2 hits and 1 walk, does it?

95 mph nasty runner in under the hands of Plawecki for the swinging strike. The movement on this thing is ridiculous. The location is great too, looks like a juicy Fastball down the pipe and halfway through your swing it's cutting in on your hands begging for a broken bat.

81mph swinging K down and in to De Aza. Man, poor Alejandro. Taillon ties him up in an 0-2 count with this bender that simply disappears into the dirt. Another reaction from a hitter who looks lost and confused about what just happened as they walk back to the dugout.

Final line: 8.0 IP, 2 Hs, 0 ER, 1 BBs, 1 HBP, 5 Ks, W. 91 pitches (61 strikes), 18/27 first pitch strikes

The 4-seamer is pretty straight. Throwing 15 of 18 of them for strikes is a good sign, however, not getting a single whiff with one is not. The 2-seamer just dominates in the Fastball category. He threw the 2-seam nearly three times as often as the 4-seamer - showing clear favoritism. As you can see in the GIFs this makes sense though. The 2-seamer is disgusting when it's controlled properly. The Curveball is sex in breaking ball form. That 12-6 action gets me hotter than Tormund around Lady Brienne. Taillon commands it well and throws it both for strikes and out pitches to both lefties and righties. Only concern with the Curve is the lack of whiffs (just 2 in 21 pitches). The Changeup was close to non-existent. Following the trend of most the other rookies in 2016 by not featuring an effective Change. Could you imagine though, if Taillon pulled a Fulmer and learned a dominant Changeup? My God...

To read the entire breakdown, courtesy of u/The_Don_Giggity, and to watch more gifs - head over to Reddit and join the conversation!