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Hey White Sox, Your South Side is Showing!
One month ago today, the Chicago White Sox were 23-10, having just swept a 3 game series with the Minnesota Twins. They then took the first game against the Texas Rangers, in 12 innings, on the road.  Things were looking great for the Sox and they had a comfortable lead atop the American League Central division.

However, since that day, they are 6-20, and have won just two games since May 23 (both against the New York Mets at Citi Field).

To make matters worse, they went out and acquired James Shields in a trade with the San Diego Padres, only to have him allow three home runs in just two innings.  Shields allowed seven earned runs in his U.S. Cellular Field debut and was booed off the mound.

Let's take a look at the White Sox fantasy baseball points scored during their 23-10 run vs their recent 6-20 collapse.

Adam Eaton193.86.0632125372943115414
Brett Lawrie186.95.6633118321990417221
Todd Frazier183.45.56331302814401013211
Jose Abreu172.35.2233128312051513004
Melky Cabrera165.75.0233121362941214000
Avisail Garcia139.85.59258824154148003
Austin Jackson101.43.073310726169108111
Jimmy Rollins84.43.67239321146019320
Dioner Navarro64.22.7923721694123000
Alex Avila34.63.151132761007000
Jerry Sands33.32.381437980013000

Chris Sale322.546.07750.129101047001.7933
Jose Quintana29742.43745.2367942001.3801
James Shields167.523.9374540182034003.616
Carlos Rodon138.523.0863332161433004.3614
Mat Latos13522.5634.131101019002.6214
David Robertson64.14.58014.2826171001.2300
Nate Jones46.23.08014.263314191.8430
Zach Duke37.21.96013.1113312082.0300
Matt Albers34.252.28015.2101311070.5711
Miguel Gonzalez27.513.75211146510004.9102
Zach Putnam26.52.21013.1105314013.3801
Dan Jennings20.42.27012.212359012.1310

White Sox Designate Mat Latos for Assignment

 Since the Collapse

Todd Frazier174.46.98258719910917311
Adam Eaton125.74.8326104251652210113
Melky Cabrera110.94.82239225166126000
Jose Abreu103.64.142510329216023021
Austin Jackson85.94.29207120163108100
Brett Lawrie77.63.1259819116027201
Tyler Saladino71.54.47165615103023211
Jimmy Rollins61.63.4218561282117200
Avisail Garcia44.82.24207316132013100
Alex Avila40.62.711543963006001
Dioner Navarro35.82.5614461082004101

Jose Quintana165.533.15313315829004.3521
Chris Sale165.533.1534.23314831003.6304
Miguel Gonzalez94.518.9423.12391019003.4722
Carlos Rodon7715.4530.139151026004.4506
James Shields387.6524.13721925007.7706
Zach Putnam28.73.19010.2111311000.8400
Mat Latos214.252632211513007.2706
Dan Jennings19.41.62014.212399001.8400
David Robertson8.81.2608995103010.1301
Zach Duke7.30.5607.19568036.1411
Matt Purke7.251.4509.210435003.7200
Nate Jones2.550.2609954703502

Points Per Game

Adam Eaton6.064.83
Alex Avila3.152.71
Austin Jackson3.074.29
Avisail Garcia5.592.24
Brett Lawrie5.663.1
Dioner Navarro2.792.56
Jimmy Rollins3.673.42
Jose Abreu5.224.14
Melky Cabrera5.024.82
Todd Frazier5.566.98

Garcia and Lawrie have come crashing back down to earth after getting off to hot starts.  Lawrie posted similar stats in May as he did in April, but needed 11 more ABs to do so, dropping his BA from .267 in April to .238 in May.  Garcia has just 12 XBH on the year and just a .307 OBP.

This offense lives and dies with Abreu, Frazier and Eaton.  The power has not been there for Abreu, but he is starting to heat up with 9 hits in his last 24 ABs.  Now is the time to buy low on the White Sox slugger as he looks to hit 30 HRs for a third straight season.  That's at least 23 more between now and September!

Frazier has been crushing the ball, adding three more home runs in June already to give him 19 on the year.  However, even for a .250 career hitter, his BA (.218) leaves a lot to be desired.  He has five hits in his last 10 games, four have been home runs.

Eaton has done an decent job setting the table for Chicago with a .359 OBP, thanks to 25 walks.

Carlos Rodon23.0815.4
Chris Sale46.0733.1
Dan Jennings2.271.62
David Robertson4.581.26
James Shields23.937.6
Jose Quintana42.4333.1
Mat Latos22.54.2
Miguel Gonzalez13.7518.9
Nate Jones3.080.26
Zach Duke1.960.56
Zach Putnam2.213.19

Sale got off to an amazing start, winning his first nine, but since then is 0-2 in three starts, totaling just 16.2 IP.  He has seen his ERA rise from 1.58 to 2.54, and walked eight of his 18 batters this season.

Quintana was 5-1 before losing five straight decisions.  His last start was the worst of them, allowing five earned runs to the Detroit Tigers in just 4.1 IP.  He has only allowed two home runs all year, he will be fine.  If his owner wants to trade him, go get him!

Rodon and Latos have each started 11 games for Chicago, and while their ERA/WHIP are similar, they have gotten there on very different paths.  Both pitchers have allowed 10 HRs, but Rodon owns an 8.38 K/9 while Latos' K/9 sits at just 4.77, 2nd worst among qualified starts behind Jeff Locke.  Rodon's xFIP is 4.09, while Latos' is 5.38.

Now you add Shields to the mix and on paper the rotation looks nice, but they are all struggling.

The White Sox bullpen owns the third worst K/BB.  Their only saving grace is that their 51 GB% is third best and they are the best at preventing home runs.  If for some reason they start allowing balls to leave the yard, things could get a lot worse!


Singles (1B)    5.6
Doubles (2B)    8.5
Triples (3B)    11.3
Homeruns (HR)    15
Walks (BB)    3.5
Hit by Pitches (HBP)    3.5
At Bats (AB)    -1
Stolen Bases (SB)    2.5
Caught Stealing (CS)    -3

Starting Pitchers 
Innings Pitched (IP)    7.5
Strikeouts Pitched (K)    2
Hits Allowed (H)    -2.5
Home Runs Allowed (HR)    -12.5
Walks Allowed (BB)    -3
Hit Batsmen (HB)    -3

Relief Pitchers
Innings Pitched (IP)    0.75
Strikeouts Pitched (K)    2.5
Hits Allowed (H)    -0.3
Home Runs Allowed (HR)    -5
Walks Allowed (BB)    -0.5
Hit Batsmen (HB)    -0.5
Saves (Sv)    2
Holds (Hld)    1
Earned Runs Allowed (ER)    -2
White Sox Slump Fantasy Baseball