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WR Heavy Draft Strategy Pt. 2

Last week, Mike focused on the first three picks of a 12 team league and what would happen if your draft strategy was to select three wide receivers before any other position. This time, we head to the back end of drafts to see if this strategy is better suited for the beginning or the end of snake drafts.

With the 12th pick I drafted Dez Bryant, the 6th WR selected.

Allen Robinson was unbelievable with Blake Bortles last year, posting 80 receptions (135 targets) 1400 yards and 14 TDs.  With TJ Yeldon entering his 2nd year and Chris Ivory joining him in the backfield, teams will have a much harder time defending the Jaguars in 2016.

Who knows, come December, I might regret passing on Jordy Nelson for one of these two receivers.

If this were a money league draft, there is no way I would pass on Adrian Peterson being available at the end of the first round.

Jarvis Landry is one of the leagues most talented WRs and to get him at pick 36, when his ADP is 29 and as my WR 3 is a steal.

To start the fourth round I could have gone with Cam Newton or Jordan Reed but I drafted Latavius Murray, over Dion Lewis/Carlos Hyde.

By passing on a QB/TE I was able to draft Drew Brees and Travis Kelce at the turn, passing on Duke Johnson, Giovani Bernard and Ryan Mathews.

With the final pick of the 7th round I was still able to choose between Bernard and Mathews and went with the Eagles RB.

Pick 11
Dez Bryant
Jordy Nelson
Randall Cobb
Latavius Murray
Danny Woodhead
Ben Roethlisberger
Julius Thomas
After Randall Cobb, the WR position really sees a drop in fantasy talent.  Don't get me wrong, Jeremy Maclin, Sammy Watkins and Eric Decker are super talents, but I don't get excited about them being on my roster.

Doubling up on the Packers receivers is not the worst idea with Aaron Rodgers tossing them the football. They are the only WR duo with top 20 WR ADP according to Fantasy Football Calculator.

I am a huge fan of Latavius Murray and I will draft him every time I can at the back end of the 4th round.

Moving one slot up in the draft order allowed me to grab another WR at the RB position in Danny Woodhead.

With five QBs off the board already, I added Big Ben over Travis Kelce this time around.  TEs 5-10 should all total around the same fantasy points while Roethlisberger has the advantage of throwing the ball to Antonio Brown.

I would have loved to add Ladarius Green to go with Roethlisberger, but he went in the middle of the 7th round, so I was stuck choosing between Julius Thomas and Antonio Gates.  Being that we ranked Thomas 10th vs Gates 12th, I added a healthy Thomas.

Pick 10
Allen Robinson
Jordy Nelson
Golden Tate
Greg Olsen
Duke Johnson
Jonathan Stewart
Blake Bortles
Having to pass on Rob Gronkowski is tough but with the 10th pick, I drafted Robinson over Dez.  According to FantasyPros Draft Wizard, only 3% of experts agree with that move.

This is the first time I have had the option of drafting Julian Edelman or Golden Tate, and with Tom Brady out 4 games and Calvin Johnson retired, I went with Tate.

Shaking things up a bit, I drafted Greg Olsen with the 3rd pick in the fourth round, 39th overall.  His ADP is currently 44.

I am not a huge fan of Duke Johnson, but his situation is a good one in Cleveland, despite a non-existant aerial attack in the Browns offense.

That being said, I wanted a more sure thing in my lineup at the RB2 slot on a weekly basis, so I drafted Jonathan Stewart over Giovani Bernard and Matt Jones.

Blake Bortles fell to me as the 11th QB drafted, and I would love to see that happen in one of my money leagues this fall!
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