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First 48 - Four Round Fantasy Football Mock Draft

Fantasy Football Mock Draft ADP

Using Fantasy Football Calculator ADP, we ran a 12 team mock draft to see what what this draft season has in store for us this Summer.  We did a little rearranging, just to make sure no team drafted a fourth WR, a third RB or a second TE or QB.

When we last ran this mock draft, back on May 18th, Le'Veon Bell was the #2 pick, and Odell Beckham was going third ahead of Julio Jones.  Now, Jones is going with the second pick, while Bell has fallen below both receivers, as rumors swirled that he may have skipped a drug test.  Either way, the NFL has become a passing league, and fantasy football owners are no longer targeting running backs at the beginning of drafts.

Continuing with that trend, A.J. Green has jumped from 12th overall, over David Johnson and Adrian Peterson, to 7th.

Jaguars WR Allen Robinson has now fallen out of the first round, and behind Cowboys rookie RB Ezekiel Elliot.  Jordy Nelson jumps into the first round, after missing all of last year to an ACL injury.

Jordan Reed is now going in the fourth round, with Greg Olsen being drafted ahead of him.  Still, outside of Rob Gronkowski, avoid TEs in the early rounds and stack up on WRs and RBs.

Two months later, DeMarco Murray (48th pick), is the only player to fall out of the first 48.  Zeke replaced him and is now going 13th overall.


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