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Maybe Fenway Park Isn't So Bad for Drew Pomeranz After All

Drew Pomeranz Batted Ball Chart
When news broke last night about the Boston Red Sox trading for Drew Pomeranz, all I could think about what a National League pitcher moving to the American League.  On the surface, that is usually not good for any pitcher.  However, after looking deeper into Pomeranz's spray charts and watching all eight home runs that he has allowed, maybe Fenway Park and the Green Monster will actually help Drew.

Pitching against the Blue Jays and Orioles (and even the Rays), not so much.

HRs Allowed at Petco Park

Michael Taylor to left - Not a HR at Fenway

Danny Espinosa to left-center - maybe a HR at Fenway?

Michael Taylor to left - not a HR at Fenway

Jeff Mathis Grand Slam would probably be a double off Monster...

Hunter Pence oppo may have actually been an out at Fenway

HRs Allowed on the Road - HitTrackerOnline says all HR at 30 Parks

Chris Owings to left may have cleared the Monster

Hunter Pence to left clears the Wall?

Ryan Howard to left-center should clear the Monster