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Rockets Sign Eric Gordon

Rockets Sign Eric Gordon

The Houston Rockets have signed often injured SG Eric Gordon to a four year $52 mil deal.  Gordon has not played 70 games in a season since his rookie year with the Clippers, back in '08-'09.

Gordon was once a 20 point scorer, but these days he will give you 15 points per game with a couple threes and not much else, as far as fantasy basketball goes.

Now on a team with James Harden, Gordon could find himself getting some wide open threes on kick outs as he helps spread the floor with Ryan Anderson and Trevor Ariza.

I would expect Gordon to get up over 40% from downtown with less attempts off the dribble and more open looks on the catch and shoot.

The Rockets offense will operate very differently with Dwight Howard gone and Mike d'Antoni as the new Head Coach.