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Was Buster Posey Worth a Top 30 Pick?

Year after year, catchers prove to be not great options for fantasy baseball owners with days off and a lack of depth of the position.  That has never stopped fantasy owners from drafting the likes of Joe Mauer and Buster Posey early in drafts.  This year, Posey's ADP was in the top 30 - taken in between the likes of Edwin Encarnacion, Chris Sale and Madison Bumgarner.  Hard to argue that Posey has been more valuable than any of those guy.  However, compared to other catchers Posey has been one of the best, but just how good has he been?

Lets break this down month by month according to the following 4 categories:
  1. HRs
  2. Runs
  3. RBI
  4. OBP


Jarrod Saltalamacchia6Brian McCann14Jarrod Saltalamacchia15Francisco Cervelli0.438
Welington Castillo6Welington Castillo11Salvador Perez14Yasmani Grandal0.426
Salvador Perez4Francisco Cervelli11Welington Castillo12Yadier Molina0.426
Carlos Ruiz3Jonathan Lucroy11Francisco Cervelli12Jonathan Lucroy0.365
Trevor Brown3Buster Posey10Yan Gomes11Chris Iannetta0.354
Brian McCann3Stephen Vogt10Yadier Molina10Brian McCann0.351
Buster Posey3J.T. Realmuto10A.J. Ellis8Welington Castillo0.341
Stephen Vogt3Salvador Perez9Trevor Brown8Buster Posey0.337
Yan Gomes3Derek Norris9Dioner Navarro8Wilson Ramos0.328
Jarrod Saltalamacchia8Matt Wieters8Miguel Montero0.316
David Ross8Wilson Ramos8J.T. Realmuto0.311
Yadier Molina8Jarrod Saltalamacchia0.302

Posey got off to a slow start, batting .273 with just 5 XBH in 77 ABs.  He only knocked in 7 runs.


Jonathan Lucroy9Jonathan Lucroy17Jonathan Lucroy22Chris Herrmann0.443
Wilson Ramos4Jason Castro17Buster Posey17Jason Castro0.402
Jason Castro4Buster Posey17Wilson Ramos17Wilson Ramos0.400
Buster Posey4Wilson Ramos12Chris Herrmann14Bobby Wilson0.393
Evan Gattis4Christian Vazquez12Brian McCann14Tyler Flowers0.375
Brian McCann4Evan Gattis11Yan Gomes14David Ross0.365
Derek Norris4Chris Herrmann11Jason Castro12Jonathan Lucroy0.348
Curt Casali4Yadier Molina11Bobby Wilson12Salvador Perez0.344
Chris Herrmann3Derek Norris10Salvador Perez11Matt Wieters0.343
Matt Wieters3Curt Casali10David Ross11J.T. Realmuto0.330
Salvador Perez3Salvador Perez10Russell Martin10Buster Posey0.327
Christian Bethancourt3Tony Wolters10Yadier Molina9Evan Gattis0.321
Russell Martin3Brian McCann8Tony Wolters9Dioner Navarro0.318
Yan Gomes3Russell Martin8Bryan Holaday9Tony Wolters0.313
Yasmani Grandal3Bryan Holaday8Carlos Perez9Stephen Vogt0.309
Francisco Cervelli9Cameron Rupp0.302
Matt Wieters9Brian McCann0.300
Yasmani Grandal9

Posey hit just .271 in May, his worst month, but the power came back with 9 doubles and 4 home runs (.510 SLG).  Despite the low average, fantasy owners were happy with 17 runs scored and a season high 17 RBI.


Evan Gattis7Wilson Ramos19Matt Wieters20Wilson Ramos0.414
Wilson Ramos6Buster Posey19Wilson Ramos19Russell Martin0.398
Cameron Rupp5Derek Norris14Evan Gattis19Kurt Suzuki0.395
Salvador Perez5Russell Martin13Derek Norris16Buster Posey0.381
Brian McCann5Matt Wieters12Buster Posey15Tucker Barnhart0.378
Matt Wieters5Evan Gattis10Russell Martin15Jonathan Lucroy0.376
Derek Norris5Salvador Perez10Kurt Suzuki14Alex Avila0.373
James McCann4Brian McCann10Yasmani Grandal14J.T. Realmuto0.364
Willson Contreras3Jonathan Lucroy10Brian McCann13Brian McCann0.351
Kurt Suzuki3James McCann9Salvador Perez12Cameron Rupp0.347
Alex Avila3Stephen Vogt9James McCann12Matt Wieters0.345
Russell Martin3Nick Hundley9Jonathan Lucroy10Stephen Vogt0.338
Chris Iannetta3Cameron Rupp8Nick Hundley10Welington Castillo0.338
Tyler Flowers3Kurt Suzuki8J.T. Realmuto10Salvador Perez0.337
Yasmani Grandal3J.T. Realmuto8Chris Iannetta10Chris Iannetta0.337
Robinson Chirinos3Jarrod Saltalamacchia8Willson Contreras10Jason Castro0.328
Stephen Vogt9Derek Norris0.318
Cameron Rupp9Curt Casali0.304
Chris Stewart0.302
Nick Hundley0.300
Yasmani Grandal0.300

Posey exploded in June for 30 hits with a .381 OBP.  That led to a season high 19 runs scored while driving in 15.


Yasmani Grandal8J.T. Realmuto15Yasmani Grandal14Yasmani Grandal0.439
Evan Gattis5Yasmani Grandal12Tucker Barnhart14Russell Martin0.425
Robinson Chirinos4Buster Posey12Welington Castillo13Buster Posey0.409
Mike Zunino3Yadier Molina12Jonathan Lucroy12J.T. Realmuto0.387
Buster Posey3Russell Martin12Cameron Rupp11Jett Bandy0.379
Cameron Rupp3Wilson Ramos11Russell Martin10Sandy Leon0.375
Wilson Ramos3Kurt Suzuki11Wilson Ramos10Yadier Molina0.369
Jonathan Lucroy3Jonathan Lucroy10Kurt Suzuki10Cameron Rupp0.368
Brian McCann3Salvador Perez10Sandy Leon10Wilson Ramos0.351
Tucker Barnhart3Sandy Leon10Robinson Chirinos10Jonathan Lucroy0.349
Welington Castillo3Willson Contreras10Carlos Perez10Brian McCann0.349
James McCann3Stephen Vogt9James McCann10Kurt Suzuki0.323
Salvador Perez3Cameron Rupp8Nick Hundley10Willson Contreras0.307
Brian McCann8Dioner Navarro10Stephen Vogt0.304
Derek Norris8Evan Gattis9Nick Hundley0.301
Buster Posey8Tucker Barnhart0.300
Salvador Perez8Chris Iannetta0.300
Brian McCann8
Juan Centeno8
Jarrod Saltalamacchia8

Posey walked 15 times while striking out just 8 times in July, but his BA fell below .300.  Buster had just 36 total bases yet that was still good for 4th best at the position.


Gary Sanchez11Gary Sanchez18Gary Sanchez21Gary Sanchez0.488
Russell Martin8Russell Martin13Russell Martin20Francisco Cervelli0.435
Jonathan Lucroy7Sandy Leon13Mike Zunino16Welington Castillo0.424
Yasmani Grandal6Jonathan Lucroy11Jonathan Lucroy14Buster Posey0.398
Mike Zunino6Evan Gattis11Wilson Ramos14Tucker Barnhart0.397
Evan Gattis4Travis d'Arnaud11Buster Posey13Yasmani Grandal0.385
Sandy Leon4Buster Posey11Cameron Rupp13Evan Gattis0.382
Jett Bandy4Yasmani Grandal10Welington Castillo13Mike Zunino0.377
Cameron Rupp4Willson Contreras10Evan Gattis12Russell Martin0.376
Wilson Ramos4Matt Wieters9Matt Wieters12Yadier Molina0.375
Salvador Perez4J.T. Realmuto9Salvador Perez12Willson Contreras0.371
Willson Contreras3Brian McCann9Yasmani Grandal11Sandy Leon0.369
James McCann3Mike Zunino8James McCann11James McCann0.344
Jason Castro3Cameron Rupp8Nick Hundley11Martin Maldonado0.342
Salvador Perez8Sandy Leon10J.T. Realmuto0.341
Ramon Cabrera10Brian McCann0.333
Willson Contreras9Kurt Suzuki0.333
Tucker Barnhart9Travis d'Arnaud0.328
Christian Bethancourt9Jonathan Lucroy0.324
Yadier Molina9Jason Castro0.320
Brian McCann8Cameron Rupp0.302

How about that Gary Sanchez fella?! Posey failed to hit a home run in August but hit .329 with 6 doubles.

First Half

Brian McCann14Buster Posey52Wilson Ramos48Wilson Ramos0.382
Salvador Perez14Jonathan Lucroy42Buster Posey42Francisco Cervelli0.373
Wilson Ramos13Wilson Ramos39Jonathan Lucroy42Buster Posey0.366
Evan Gattis13Derek Norris38Salvador Perez41Alex Avila0.362
Yasmani Grandal12Salvador Perez36Brian McCann38Jonathan Lucroy0.361
Derek Norris12Brian McCann35Matt Wieters37Nick Hundley0.358
Jonathan Lucroy11J.T. Realmuto34Yasmani Grandal37Chris Herrmann0.353
Buster Posey11Stephen Vogt30Russell Martin36David Ross0.351
Welington Castillo10Yadier Molina30Evan Gattis36J.T. Realmuto0.349
Cameron Rupp9Russell Martin29Derek Norris33Drew Butera0.347
Matt Wieters9Jason Castro29Yan Gomes32Brian McCann0.343
Jarrod Saltalamacchia8Evan Gattis26Kurt Suzuki32Tyler Flowers0.336
Yan Gomes8Welington Castillo24Welington Castillo30Carlos Ruiz0.333
Tyler Flowers7Matt Wieters24Yadier Molina28Tucker Barnhart0.332
Stephen Vogt7Cameron Rupp22Chris Herrmann28Kurt Suzuki0.330
Chris Iannetta7Jarrod Saltalamacchia21Stephen Vogt27Jason Castro0.329
Russell Martin7Yan Gomes21J.T. Realmuto26Yadier Molina0.329
Chris Herrmann6Chris Herrmann21Cameron Rupp26Jett Bandy0.325
David Ross6Christian Vazquez21Jarrod Saltalamacchia25Jarrod Saltalamacchia0.323
Robinson Chirinos6Yasmani Grandal20Dioner Navarro23Yasmani Grandal0.320
Jason Castro6Kurt Suzuki20Carlos Perez23Stephen Vogt0.319
Curt Casali6David Ross23Geovany Soto0.318
James McCann23Salvador Perez0.314
Jason Castro21Russell Martin0.314

Chris Iannetta21Ramon Cabrera0.310
Francisco Cervelli21Welington Castillo0.310
Tyler Flowers21Matt Wieters0.309
Bobby Wilson21Chris Iannetta0.305
Miguel Montero20Travis d'Arnaud0.305
Steve Clevenger0.301

There is no doubt that drafting Posey gave you a serious bonus in the R, RBI & OBP categories and even was second in SB behind Realmuto (9) with 5.  However, Edwin Encarnacion scored more runs, drove in nearly twice as many and hit 23 home runs before the All-Star Game with a .358 OBP.  He even added 2 stolen bases.

Odd are, Encarnacion was drafted before Posey.  Fine, I will give you that.  But Chris Davis, George Springer, Joey Votto and Starling Marte were the next batters off draft boards.  You could argue that Posey was a better player than Marte and equal to Votto in the first half, but George Springer and even Chris Davis, despite a .237 BA, were better..

2nd Half

Gary Sanchez11Russell Martin20Russell Martin23Gary Sanchez0.488
Jonathan Lucroy9Gary Sanchez18Jonathan Lucroy22Tony Wolters0.462
Yasmani Grandal9Sandy Leon18Gary Sanchez21Carlos Ruiz0.459
Russell Martin8Jonathan Lucroy17Welington Castillo20Russell Martin0.409
Evan Gattis8Yasmani Grandal17Wilson Ramos20Anthony Recker0.400
Mike Zunino7Buster Posey17James McCann19Francisco Cervelli0.391
Wilson Ramos6Evan Gattis16Nick Hundley19Yasmani Grandal0.385
James McCann6Willson Contreras15Evan Gattis18Yadier Molina0.379
Sandy Leon6J.T. Realmuto15Mike Zunino18Buster Posey0.378
Jett Bandy6Wilson Ramos14Buster Posey18Welington Castillo0.378
Cameron Rupp5Brian McCann14Tucker Barnhart18Evan Gattis0.374
Salvador Perez5Jett Bandy13Yasmani Grandal17Mike Zunino0.368
Travis d'Arnaud13Sandy Leon17Martin Maldonado0.366
Cameron Rupp11Cameron Rupp17Sandy Leon0.358
Salvador Perez11Salvador Perez16J.T. Realmuto0.345
Stephen Vogt11Jonathan Lucroy0.333
Yadier Molina11Willson Contreras0.328
Kurt Suzuki11Juan Centeno0.328
Welington Castillo10Miguel Montero0.323
Matt Wieters10Rene Rivera0.323
Tucker Barnhart0.321
Wilson Ramos0.319
Brian McCann0.311
Cameron Rupp0.309
Jett Bandy0.309
Bobby Wilson0.309
Kurt Suzuki0.303
James McCann0.302

Posey has been an average catcher post ASG and that's not saying much when compared to such a weak position.  Posey and Marte have been equal players in the second half but Encarnacion, Votto, Springer and Davis would have been better players to lead your fantasy team to the playoffs.

It's hard to argue continuing to draft Buster Posey, or any catcher, early in fantasy baseball drafts.

Using a Points System to Rank the Top 30 Batters

First Half

Josh Donaldson8933654205238063626509
Mookie Betts87385722341875592415473
Mike Trout89323632121868585815472
Kris Bryant8632948210257365443463
Jose Altuve89349792421467514123461
Edwin Encarnacion8933344220235780452455
Nolan Arenado8734249242236070381448
Ian Desmond89351742221565552815437
Xander Bogaerts85356852201065563411436
David Ortiz8129240341224272482433
Robinson Cano8936469231216458280432
Wil Myers87339571921961603615432
Paul Goldschmidt88320582021553586411431
Anthony Rizzo8530846232215463502426
Daniel Murphy8733671254175366182425
Ian Kinsler8635667173167152269423
Mark Trumbo8734755161285568261419
Manny Machado8334361290196253300417
Kyle Seager8833550262185461381413
George Springer8935559123196351486412
Matt Carpenter7828541255145653580410
Chris Davis8631637160226458500407
Carlos Gonzalez8533667192195854262401
Nelson Cruz8732852170235558380396
Jake Lamb8628938197204961353395
Jackie Bradley Jr.8330147226145155357391
Bryce Harper86289441101950527013391
Francisco Lindor87337722011060453313391
Corey Seager9035363223176042331388
Ben Zobrist8330456170135947524384
Trevor Story8131938204215257295384
Buster Posey (62nd)8029154191115242345344

Second Half

Joey Votto391334010273434332251
Brian Dozier4117222142163435114241
Freddie Freeman4014819132103428271223
Nolan Arenado401492641113438191223
Mookie Betts3915934111112535116218
Jose Altuve391594113262434103214
Kris Bryant391563391103424175212
Trea Turner37166388643320517208
Ryan Braun351282451113230177207
Charlie Blackmon391592912111372095206
Paul Goldschmidt401483471533202910206
Hernan Perez39148287192728816197
Daniel Murphy341232112182732131196
Christian Yelich401602910082531162195
Ryan Schimpf38123983122630231194
DJ LeMahieu38148444253218242194
Mike Trout39122226162924326193
Carlos Correa401492614052033203193
Brad Miller3813918111112431152192
George Springer401582312063321232192
Dustin Pedroia401574210043021172191
Justin Turner351452112111233282190
Manny Machado411642590122828110190
Khris Davis391451781142928110189
Evan Longoria401552093112132140189
Miguel Cabrera3914330100102327170187
Anthony Rendon371362315072328153187
Martin Prado41162388152131151187
Jose Ramirez4015434111627201110186
Albert Pujols39153294010204170186
Buster Posey (95th)35127299011718151135


Mookie Betts12654410634529100943521691
Jose Altuve1285081203742091855126675
Kris Bryant125485813013510789618675
Josh Donaldson125472762653010287846671
Nolan Arenado127491752833494108572671
Mike Trout128445852732497829021665
Paul Goldschmidt128468922732086789321637
Edwin Encarnacion127479652903682105652636
Daniel Murphy12145992375258098313621
Manny Machado12450786380319081410607
Anthony Rizzo12446573374257689633605
George Springer12951382243259672718604
David Ortiz120429654113062100662602
Joey Votto12542785252218276948601
Xander Bogaerts1255231192701691744313591
Ian Desmond1285141012522189763419582
Robinson Cano12852296291298481360581
Brian Dozier124485663053081784811578
Mark Trumbo12849567201397694412571
Corey Seager12550399373238762431570
Carlos Correa125476773131965886411567
Miguel Cabrera12747893261287280580566
Wil Myers125481762432381735623566
Ian Kinsler125513902432395663613564
Freddie Freeman12848073346267762684561
Mike Napoli12045266201297988564561
Carlos Gonzalez11946385322247683362559
Kyle Seager12547278312247283521557
Charlie Blackmon114459932732388633515554
Dustin Pedroia125506118311128558537553
Buster Posey (70th)11541883281126960496479

Single - 1
Double -2
Triple - 3
Home Run - 2
Run - 2
RBI - 2
Stolen Base - 1
Walk - 1
Buster Posey Fantasy Baseball