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Rotoderby Touchdown Derby

Fantasy Touchdown Derby is based on a standard scoring system with a twist; where you are competing against others for the highest Fantasy Points throughout the season based on 3 stats, but weighted towards Touchdowns (TDs).

It consists of a 10 player starting roster with a Touchdown stat cap used to build your team. Rosters are fixed all season and standings reset monthly. Winners are paid every month and at season-end.

Creating your Team:

  • Select 2 Team QBs(not individuals players), 2 WRs, 2 RBs, 1TE and 3 Flex Players consisting of WRs, RBs, or TEs for a total roster size of 10 players. 
  • Rosters can be edited until Derby registration closes and will be LOCKED for the WHOLE season once the Derby begins, taking away the headache of week-to-week maintenance and bringing in new and interesting strategies. This is where your knowledge, strategy and skill come into play. 
    • If a player becomes a free agent, gets injured, retires, etc. he still remains on your team. So choose wisely, but remember multiple teams can draft the same player and standings reset monthly to level the playing field.


Scoring is based on 3 stats as follows:
  • Touchdowns (TDs): 7pts
  • Total Yards [Pass, Rush, Rec] (TYds): 1pt every 50yds
  • Fumbles Lost (FL) and or Interceptions (INTs): -2pts
Special Teams and Defensive stats don’t count.

Standing Reset Monthly:

Each month is like a new season because the standings reset back to zero points for all teams. So if your players had a bad month in September or suffered an injury in Oct, don’t worry, with reset standings you have a renewed opportunity to win every month during the season. You can check the standings weekly to see where your team places for both Monthly and Season rankings.

How to Win:

Once the Derby begins, stats will accumulate on the live scoreboard and standings board. The teams with the highest Fantasy Points at the end of the month will win LARGE prizes – 1st place pays $5000/monthly for our $99 Season Derbies.

The teams with the highest cumulative points throughout the entire season will win the season-end prizes. (See Derby contests details for various prize pools, payouts and entry fees).

Seasonal vs Month Long Derby:

If you missed the start of the season, don’t worry. From time to time, we may offer One-Month Derby Contests. So you can play the Seasonal Derby or just the One-Month-Derby in Oct, Nov, etc., the choice is yours.

Its as simple as Draft, Score and Win! Whatever strategy you choose, RotoDerby puts you back in control of your time to spend it as you wish while getting back in the game you love to play.