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5 Things From Week 1 That Will Not Continue

  1. Alex Smith throwing nearly 50 passes in a game
    • Somehow Alex Smith threw a league high 48 passes against the Chargers and the Chiefs still walked away with a W. In the final 10 games of the season last year, in which the Chiefs went 10-0, Smith averaged just 26 pass attempts. With Jamaal Charles coming back, expect Smith to go back to being a game manager.

  2.  The Bengals offensive line giving up seven sacks a week
    • The Jets got to Andy Dalton for seven sacks. That's more than a third of the amount of sacks he took in 2015 (20). The Jets have one of the best front seven's in football and it's hard to imagine this ever happens against to the Bengals O-Line this year. 

  3. 11 Games were decided by 7 points or less
    • We saw a ridiculous amount of close games in week 1, including six games decided by one or two points. As fun as that was, don't expect to see more of that moving forward. 

  4. Jamison Crowder averaging 10 targets a game
    • The Redskins were blown out Monday night when they took a 22 point loss against the Steelers. Kirk Cousins threw the ball 43 times, so Crowder saw 10 targets. Last season Crowder had 10 targets just once. It'll likely never happen again this season, being that DeSean Jackson, Pierre Garcon, Jordan Reed and Vernon Davis are healthy.

  5. Giants defense records zero sacks
    • The New York Giants spent $200 million to fix their terrible defense this off-season. You wouldn't really know it after week 1, despite the victory, the defense was unable to sack rookie Dak Prescott. It's hard to imagine the Giants fail to record a sack in another game this year, being that they have guys like Jason Pierre-Paul, Olivier Vernon and Cullen Jenkins on their line.
Five Things From Week 1 That Will Continue
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