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How to Take Advantage of Cam Newton in RotoDerby

In RotoDerby's TD Derby, Cam Newton (Panthers Team QB) will cost you 45 of your 118 touchdowns.  Cam threw for 35 TDs and rushed for another 10.  Odd are, he can't duplicate his MVP season.  However, if you want to make sure your roster takes advantage of Superman, you will have to pass on all QBs with a price tag of 34 or higher.

In order to fill out your 8 RB/WR/TE/FLEX spots, you have to have a minimum of 40 TD remaining, giving you five TDs per slot.  There are plenty of players looking to rebound from a down year in 2015.

At the RB position, you have four solid options in LeSean McCoy, Thomas Rawls, Eddie Lacy & Jamaal Charles.  McCoy doesn't have to worry about Karlos Williams vulturing TDs in Buffalo, Marshawn Lynch retired leaving Rawls as the Seahawks starter, Lacy could easily return to double digit TDs as he did as a rookie and in his 2nd year and Charles is "healthy."

I am not big on C.J. Anderson, but for those of you that like the Broncos RB, he also will only cost you 5 touchdowns.

I love the WRs with a 5 TD salary, especially the Colts T.Y. Hilton.  Remember, Andrew Luck played in just 7 games last year, leaving Matt Hasselbeck under center in Indy.  Luck will be looking to throw for 40 TDs, like he did in 2014.

If you have an extra TD left over when all is said and done, Donte Moncrief costs just 6 touchdowns.

Rotoderby TD Derby
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Travis Benjamin is now playing in San Diego with Philip Rivers, after catching 5 TDs from Josh McCown/Johnny Manziel in Cleveland last year.  I love the upside.

With Martavis Bryant suspended, Markus Wheaton could have a breakout year as the Steelers #2 WR.

Jarvis Landry gained more than 1,200 yards, but scored just 5 TDs.  He could be a top WR in RotoDerby in 2016 at half the price of Ted Ginn.

Rob Gronkowski in the first round of drafts, or for $11 here, always seems to be a very safe play.  But in the scenario we are talking about he is more than twice what we can afford.  Instead, you have some nice options in Travis Kelce, Julius Thomas and Antonio Gates.

So now that your roster features Newton, McCoy, Lacy, Hilton, Benjamin, Kelce, Rawls, Wheaton and Gates - you have 33 TDs left to pick a QB from the following options:
That was easy.

Oh, it gets even better.  Want to add Moncrief over Wheaton? Fine, drop Brees and add Aaron Rodgers (32)!

Prefer Mark Ingram (6) over Rawls? Fine, ignore Rodgers and add Rivers (30).

Point is, there are PLENTY of ways to construct your roster, while starting with the most expensive player in the game.

3 Favorite QBs Under 30 TDs

  1. Andrew Luck (26) 
  2. Ben Roethlisberger (26)
  3. Dak Prescott/Tony Romo (16)