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Wisdom of the Crowd - FanDuel Stacks via Fantasy Cruncher

FanDuel NFL DFS Week 6 Stacks and Value Plays
Consensus figures were generated by first scraping raw projections from the following publicly available sources:
  • CBS
  • ESPN
  • FantasyPros
  • Fantasy Sharks
  • Fox
  • numberFire
  • Yahoo
For each source, raw projections were converted to fantasy points using FanDuel's scoring system. Consensus projections were then calculated by simply taking the average of the individual sources. Projections that combine multiple sources have been shown to be more accurate than any single source by itself, consistent with the wisdom of the crowd.

* We have removed Thursday Night and Monday Night Games

Top QB/RB Stack - Ben Roethlisberger/Le'Veon Bell @ Dolphins

Not only is Bell the #2 target on offense, Pittsburgh should jump out to a big lead against Miami and feed Bell at least 20 carries for a second week in a row.  The Dolphins run defense is not nearly as good as the Jets, who limited Bell to just 66 rushing yards, added 88 yards on 9 receptions.  DeMarco Murray just ran from 121 yards on the Dolphins last week on 27 carries.  Only the 49ers have allowed more rushing yards to opposing RBs.  Look to Tyrod Taylor/LeSean McCoy if you want to save some money.

Top QB/RB/WR Stack - Roethlisberger/Bell/Brown @ Dolphins

There is a cheaper way to do this - Alex Smith/Jamaal Charles/Jeremy Maclin @ Raiders.  The Steelers will cost you 27.7k while this Chiefs stack is just 20.8k.  A third option, if you are scared of the Chiefs offense, would be Taylor/McCoy/Robert Woods vs 49ers.  San Fran loves to give the ball back to their opponents as quickly as possible!

Top QB/WR Stack - Smith/Maclin @ Raiders

Pairing the Chiefs QB/WR allows you to add the Steelers Bell/Brown combo and leaves you with enough cap space to add another quality RB in McCoy, DeMarco Murray or Mark Ingram.

Top QB/TE Stack - Smith/Travis Kelce @ Raiders

Nothing helps boost a QBs projection like playing the Oakland Raiders.  Smith's matchup + his price tag = great value.  Add Kelce to the mix as the teams leader in targets and touchdowns and you have a nice pairing to build your week 6 DFS lineup around. Antonio Gates and Hunter Henry both caught TD passes against the Raiders last week.

Top 3 Values at QB/RB/WR/TE


  1. Alex Smith @ Raiders (6.8k - 18.22 pts)
  2. Cam Newton @ Saints (8.9k - 23.67)
  3. Russell Wilson vs Falcons (8.4k - 20.80)


    1. Le'Veon Bell @ Dolphins (9.3k - 21.33 pts)
    2. DeMarco Murray vs Browns  (8.8k - 18.01 pts)
    3. Mark Ingram vs Panthers (6.7k) - 13.57


    1. Antonio Brown @ Dolphins (9.7k - 18.87 pts)
    2. Jarvis Landry vs Steelers (6.9k - 12.96)
    3. Jordy Nelson vs Cowboys(8.3k - 15.39)


    1. Travis Kelce @ Raiders (6.4k - 10.64 pts)
    2. Greg Olsen @ Saints (8.1k - 13.37)
    3. Delanie Walker vs Browns (6.7k - 10.70)

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