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NFL Predictions Updated

NE124HOU 97PIT133DEN14 2
NYJ88IND 97CIN106OAK10 6
BUF610JAX 511BAL79SD7 9
MIA412TEN 214CLE016KC7 9

Updated Predictions

AFC East

Patriots - 3-1 without Tom Brady, two road games ahead with the Steelers and Broncos could be their only L's the rest of the way.
Jets - We give New York the win when the host the Pats in week 16, but a loss could keep them under .500 on the year.
Bills - Even with a healthy Sammy Watkins, the Bills were in for a tough year.  They still have to host the Patriots and Steelers and fly to the west coast three times!
Dolphins - Running back situation is a mess and Ryan Tannehill just can't put it all together.

AFC South

Texans - Can the defense pick up the slack with J.J. Watt out?  Osweiler needs to stop turning the ball over
Colts - Andrew Luck will struggle if the front office continues to ignore the offensive line and the defense.
Jaguars - It seems Blake Bortles and Allen Robinson give fans false hope thanks to fantasy football.
Titans - The offensive line is great, but it appears Marcus Mariota is not.

AFC North

Steelers - Pittsburgh is now the clear favorite to reach the Super Bowl
Bengals - Maybe this is the year Cincinnati wins a playoff game!
Ravens - Baltimore has 3 wins against bad teams.  It's going to be rough the rest of the way.
Browns - Still the Browns.

AFC West

Broncos - Dever has shown that their defense will carry them to the top of the AFC West
Raiders - Oakland'aerial assault will lead them to a wildcard spot.
Chargers - Injuries have once again derailed San Diego's season.  That and a terrible defense.
Chiefs - The offense is just not dynamic enough.

NFC East

Eagles - Rookie of the Year QB + stout defense = Possible NFC East Champions
Cowboys - Tony Romo returns for Dallas late in the season, but will he be ready to take back his team?  Media will have a field day with this one.
Giants - If Odell Beckham is not having fun, the Giants can't win.
Redskins - Kirk Cousins will continue to make Jordan Reed a top fantasy TE.

NFC South

Falcons - The offense is the best in the league.
Panthers - The defense hasn't been as good as last year and Cam Newton is taking some big hits.
Saints - Saints need to rebuild on the defensive side of the ball.
Buccaneers - Jameis Winston is a turnover machine, but fantasy football owners love him.

NFC North

Vikings - Who saw this coming?! No Adrian Peterson, no Teddy Bridgewater, no problem! Just play defense and they might find themselves in Super Bowl LI
Packers - Aaron Rodgers hasn't been good since the first half of last year, but if last week was any indication that he is back, look out NFL!
Lions - Matthew Stafford will continue to break passing records, but that's not always a good thing.
Bears  - Let's Go Cubs!

NFC West

Seahawks -There is no competition in the West this year - just stay healthy.
Cardinals -Very disappointing start to the season for Arizona and now Carson Palmer is dealing with a concussion.
Rams -They might be 3-1 but the offense is the worst in the NFL.
49ers -Colin Kaepernick will start some games in the near future.

The New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers will meet in the AFC Championship
The Seattle Seahawks and Atlanta Falcons will meet in the NFC Championship
The Pittsburgh Steelers will beat the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl LI
Ben Roethlisberger will be named Super Bowl MVP

NFL Predictions