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Most Improved Fantasy Basketball Players

There are 16 players in the NBA averaging 10+ more fantasy basketball points per game, than they did last year. Some guys are just finally seeing some minutes while others worked hard in the offseason to improve their game.

Take a look at the following list of players and decide for yourself who you should look to sell high and which players are for real.

Tim Frazier141584910641444.3%1133.7515.5218.23
Joe Harris12109321621044.7%1920.292.4017.89
Mike Muscala1212056229762.3%925.179.1716.00
Anthony Davis1341214827392350.3%768.1553.6214.53
Sam Dekker137144123652.7%1015.421.5013.92
Terry Rozier138646233740.8%1419.776.2213.55
Nick Young1318333165546.2%3328.8515.9212.93
Trevor Booker12111972492250.6%232.0019.1212.88
T.J. Warren13230561342545.8%833.7721.5112.26
Myles Turner131959112311255.8%436.2324.1612.07
Avery Bradley132331104251346.8%2943.4231.6611.76
James Johnson12110562112849.4%1324.9213.2911.63
Giannis Antetokounmpo1226210065252149.5%553.7542.2611.49
Moe Harkless 14163711311948.2%2227.6416.8210.82
Jabari Parker12234772741346.2%1038.2127.5610.65
Tyler Johnson12144563661144.0%1430.8320.7910.04
*Min 10 GP

Scoring System

  • Field Goals Made (1)
  • Free Throws Made (1)
  • 3-point Shots Made (3)
  • Points Scored (.5)
  • Total Rebounds (1.5)
  • Assists (2)
  • Steals (3)
  • Blocked Shots (3)
  • Turnovers (-2)
Buy Low Candidates
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